We're creating a diverse group of future leaders

Founded by Euan Blair in 2016, we now have thousands of apprentices learning and growing together through training, events, networking and more.

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We live by our values

We are all owners

We think about the impact of our actions on our team, company and external perception.

Good people win

We believe respect flows both ways, so we're approachable, warm and responsive.

We put others first

We go above and beyond to create an exceptional service and experience for our users.

We believe in social mobility

Your background should never define your destination.

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We’re a mission-driven tech startup making a real change

Our mission is to create a diverse group of future leaders. To achieve this, we provide high-quality apprenticeship programmes that combine work, training and community.

Since starting in 2016, we’ve grown across the UK, training over 5,000 apprentices in partnership with more than 200 of the world’s best employers. Focusing on the skills of the future, our programmes range from business operations to data science and software engineering.

Our mission is global, so this year we launched in the US.

We raised the UK’s largest ever EdTech venture round

In 2021, we broke the record for the UK's largest EdTech venture round. Investors included General Catalyst, Google Ventures, Index Ventures, Audacious Ventures, Latitude and SemperVirens. These institutions were supported by angel investors including John W. Thomson, Chairman of Microsoft, and Jeremy Darroch, Chairman of Sky.

Opening up many pathways to a life of learning

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Levelling the playing field

While talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not. So we’re laying the path to success for exceptional people, whatever their background.

Our platform matches diverse, young talent with apprenticeship roles and existing employees with just the right upskilling opportunities.

Over 50% of apprentices hired by Multiverse are from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds, 53% are women, and a third come from the UK’s most deprived postcodes.

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Establishing a better way

We're breaking down an old system and building a better one. By combining applied learning, expert coaching and a vibrant community, we recognise the whole individual. As a result, 90% of apprentices complete our programmes – with 65% achieving outstanding results.

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Building a shared identity

It takes a whole ecosystem to build a successful career. That’s why we champion the power of community in everything we do. By bringing apprentices and employers together with us, we create a network of people changing education and work for the better.

Our community of apprentices is now over 4,000 strong.