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Across the Leeds health and social care system, data skills are considered a vital tool for joining up decision-making and improving patient care.

In partnership with Multiverse, Leeds Health and Care Academy (LHCA) led a unique collaboration between health and care partners — including Inspire North, Leeds County Council, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Leeds Student Medical Practice and many more — to improve data skills within the sector.

About Leeds Health and Care Academy

LHCA provides a collaborative approach to transformative shared learning across all health and social care organisations in Leeds. In addition to building bespoke development programmes, LHCA works to embed organisational change by advancing digital, data, and technology capabilities across the workforce.

The solution

In partnership with Multiverse, apprentices on the Data Fellowship programme are equipped with the skills to interpret data and action insights, to drive value within their organisation.

“Through delivering the Data Fellowship apprenticeship in partnership with Multiverse we have improved and embedded data skills across a breadth of health and care organisations in Leeds, including those who previously didn’t have access to a data learning programme.

"We’ve also established just how valuable learning collaboratively is — I’ve seen how working together has built apprentices’ networks, understanding of the wider system and given them confidence to tackle real-life data challenges in our city.” - Kate O’Connell, Director of the Leeds Health and Care Academy

"LHCA have recognised that data is the key to joining up care and citizen services and ultimately powering digital transformation. As Integrated Care Boards prioritise digitisation, Multiverse is the perfect partner, offering the skills solution through digital apprenticeships. Through our partnership, LHCA is leading the way with upskilling and reskilling programmes to address the shortage of digital and data skills." - Steve McCluskey, Chief Revenue Officer at Multiverse

The results

Improved efficiency and productivity

Apprentices have gained confidence and speed when approaching data tasks, with an average 17.5% increase in efficiency when handling data.

“I used to spend 2-3 days a week manually checking through things in Excel. Now I do it in 1 or 2 hours. Any piece of data work I do now involves things I’ve learned on the programme.” - Apprentice, Commissioning Manager, Leeds City Council

Enabling data-driven and joined up decision making

In one example during the COVID-19 pandemic, a Data Analyst used their new skills to link datasets and build an interactive, shareable map showing vaccine uptake across Leeds. This enabled colleagues across the city to identify areas of low vaccine uptake and prioritise outreach.

Increased collaboration

After being brought together through the apprenticeship programme, employees across Leeds have built strong working and personal relationships.

Through in person events, apprentices were given the opportunity to connect with senior leadership, alongside community events as a part of the Multiverse offering connecting them with the wider apprentice ecosystem.

The benefits were clear — 100% of apprentices said they felt a sense of belonging and support from the Multiverse community.

“It has enabled us to share ideas and knowledge and skills, which we do regularly. I feel we have all helped each other improve, and we can troubleshoot between us. Not only have I made friends within my own organisation, I have made friends with people in other Leeds health and care organisations.” - Libby Adams, Data Manager for Children's Diabetes, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

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