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Advanced Software Engineering

Our innovative Advanced Software Engineering Programme delivers the skills needed to upskill existing junior software engineers to mid-senior level software engineers in order to drive business innovation and productivity by mastering essential advanced skills on critical topics such as cloud engineering, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence.


Delivered over 2 years, the Advanced Software Engineering programme heightens the knowledge of software engineering and broadens skill sets. Apprentices learn how to drive complex advanced projects in the field of software engineering incl. software transformation, cloud and testing.

This apprenticeship is tailor made for professionals looking to upgrade their coding skills and deliver innovative higher impact outcomes.

The programme includes live coaching, asynchronous learning, on-the-job learning and 3 months of End Point Assessments. Upon completion, apprentices will gain the Level 6 Software Engineering apprenticeship and a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Technology solutions Software Engineering).

At Levels 5 and 6, each module contains a work-based project which forms a portfolio assessment at the end. There will also be an End Point Assessment that allow apprentices to report on a software transformation project which together with the portfolio, counts towards the outcome of the final degree.

Sessions are delivered virtually and learning is supported by materials accessible through our bespoke learning platform.


25 months


Free tuition



Who it's for

Junior Software Engineers who write code in their day-to-day job and are looking to learn advanced software engineering topics to become “Mid-Senior Software Engineers”

To apply you'll need

  • To have the right to work in the UK
  • To have lived in the UK or EEA continuously for the past 3 years
  • To have at least a grade of 4/C GCSE (or equivalent) in Maths and English
  • To have not previously studied the course content
  • To have an L4 Software Developer Qualification OR to demonstrate Level 4 learning outcomes through their work experience
  • To not undertake any other qualifications during the apprenticeship
  • To be able to apply your learning to your role

Qualifications Received

  • BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions (Software Engineering)


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The modules

Module one

Cybersecurity and Software Development

Apprentices will learn:

  • Network design and structure
  • Security awareness and threat prevention
  • Cyber security tools and defences
  • Secure coding and programming best practices
  • Identity and access management
  • Security policies, procedures, and regulations

Module two

Driving Business Value with Data Engineering

Apprentices will learn:

  • Database design and structure
  • Database creation and management
  • Data storage, pipelines, and automation
  • Data analysis and insights
  • Database design and data infrastructure
  • User and business data requirements

Module three

Advancing Your Data Strategy and Governance

Apprentices will learn:

  • Organisational strategy
  • Business modelling
  • Decision Intelligence
  • Ethical leadership and management
  • Data governance
  • Ethical and sustainable data solutions

Module four

Integrating Machine Learning and AI to Drive Business Value

Apprentices will learn:

  • Principles of machine learning and AI
  • Fundamental structure of LLMs and how they are created.
  • Data preprocessing and cleaning
  • Deep Learning
  • Ethical, legal, and privacy considerations in machine learning and AI
  • Applications of ML and AI in business
  • Integration of machine learning and AI into software applications
  • Using AI in Programming

Module five

Leading Software Transformation Projects

Apprentices will learn:

  • Project management approaches (Agile and Waterfall)
  • Business modelling and project initiation techniques
  • Resource management
  • Project budgeting and cost control
  • Risk management and contingency
  • Scheduling and management tools

What makes it special?

  • A full introduction for the line manager, preparing them to support the apprentice
  • Experienced coaches and tutors, with content provided by academic experts
  • The opportunity to gain a degree while working
  • Work-based assessments and projects
  • A cutting-edge curriculum based on real business needs

Opportunities for a lifetime

We place you with a top employer – a company where you can learn a ton while making your mark.

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My apprenticeship with Multiverse has been one of the best things to happen to me since I dropped out of my final year in school. It's immeasurably increased my self-worth and confidence – and proved that you can achieve success no matter what obstacles you face.


Digital Marketing Apprentice

Multiverse made it all so easy. My digital profile meant employers could see everything about me and it made the application process flow extremely well, helping me land my job.


Software Engineering Apprentice

I always wanted to work in tech but while studying in Uganda I had limited access to technology. As soon as I returned to the UK, I dived into tech. Multiverse gave me access to potential employers and ensured I had the right tools to succeed.


Software Engineering Apprentice

Multiverse apprenticeships give young people like me more options. We don't have to worry about our financial situation while getting an education that's relevant and useful.


Data Fellowship Apprentice

About Multiverse

We bring some of the world's best applied learning content into our apprenticeships. The result is engaging and impactful programmes that give people the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their careers. Matching candidates with the right qualification and our inspiring community enables a diverse group of future leaders to build social capital and strong networks, supporting their personal growth and professional development.

Why Multiverse?

  • World class content
  • An unbeatable track record
  • Outstanding client support
  • Active, inspiring community
  • Excellent learning experience
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