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My apprenticeship expectations vs reality - Laura's story

By Team Multiverse

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  1. My Multiverse Experience
  2. Starting the new job
  3. Growing beyond imposter syndrome

My name is Laura and I’m currently 5 months into my apprenticeship with Multiverse, studying the digital business accelerator. In this article I’ll explore my apprenticeship journey thus far and the steps I made that landed me in my current apprenticeship role.

No one told me how competitive it would be to find a decent apprenticeship program. After months of interviewing and numerous rounds, I felt defeated. Jobs that seemed too good to be true ended up being too good to be true. Companies posted descriptions with ‘entry level’ requirements, but were looking for ‘experts’ with multiple years of experience in the field.

My Multiverse Experience

After months of job searching at various apprenticeship providers and job boards with no luck, I came across Multiverse. Multiverse had a specific platform for people like me to apply to roles and did not require any prior work experience: just a GCSE at 4/C in English and Maths.

I put in my application and landed a role pursuing a business apprenticeship. Now nearly half way through my Digital Business Accelerator apprenticeship program, I truly did not expect this level of nurturing for my ideal role, which I could not be happier in!

While my journey has not been easy, I strongly believe everything happens for a reason. The admission’s team were helpful with the application process, transparent about my options and true to their word from the start. Now in my working role, I’m not afraid to ask seemingly simple questions or ask for help with more in-depth tools that I don’t know how to use - I’m confident my manager will walk me through it and go over it again if I don’t understand.

Starting the new job

Prior to starting in my new role, I had a different perception of what my apprenticeship course as a whole would look like. Everything I am taught here intertwines. My new Excel skills help me complete my other work faster, and I also have access to the Multiverse community hub with all sorts of information, events to attend and articles to read to help me throughout my career. Apprentices need to spend 80% of their time at work and 20% completing ‘Off the job’ learning. At first I thought my ‘Off the job’ learning time would be away from my job and unrelated to my work, but I quickly discovered that the majority of my ‘Off the job’ time is decided by me, so I can choose tasks and activities that I feel relate to my role.

Growing beyond imposter syndrome

Despite the initial excitement of starting a new job, transitioning into a new role was nerve wracking! Prior to my apprenticeship, I studied business at college and had two years of sales experience. When I received the apprenticeship offer from Multiverse, I was worried that after so many rejections I wouldn't have the skills needed to do the job.

Perhaps you’ll see yourself in my previous position. It’s a competitive and difficult market to land a quality apprenticeship, and you may feel like an imposter once you finally find a good one. Just because you’ve been knocked down before, please know you are not alone: you have earned your position! Continuous growth during an enriching learning experience is something to be proud of. If you look back at where you are now in comparison to five years ago, you’ll see just how far you’ve come.

Team Multiverse

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