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AWE creates data apprenticeships in Reading

By Team Multiverse

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AWE has partnered with tech company Multiverse to launch a Data Skills Academy, hiring apprentices in Reading to earn while they learn data analytics skills.

Applications are now open via the Multiverse website.(opens new window)

AWE’s mission is to support the defence and security of the UK, through developing, manufacturing and maintaining the warheads for the UK’s nuclear deterrent. AWE also provides unique skills and expertise to support the UK’s counter terrorism and nuclear threat reduction activities.

This new programme joins thousands of apprenticeships that AWE has created covering a broad spectrum of professional skills from Engineering to Project Management.

Successful apprentices will be given an exciting and unique opportunity to get involved in work that is critically important to help keep our country safe and secure.

Vacancies are currently open in Reading for apprentices. There are no grade requirements, and those without a university degree are encouraged to apply. It is hoped that the apprenticeship opportunities will draw in candidates from a range of backgrounds, including reaching socioeconomically disadvantaged young people and creating access to an in-demand career.

Over the 15-month apprenticeship, apprentices will gain skills in data wrangling and analysis techniques. The programme also covers data science, including Python and an introduction to machine learning.

The training will be delivered by tech company Multiverse, which has created more than 15,000 apprenticeships in the UK and US. Multiverse apprentices receive access to on-demand coaching, personalised learning, and an active community where they can learn from peers and grow their network.

Mandy Savage, Executive Director of Engineering at AWE, said: “We always strive to be an exceptional employer, and as part of that we want to ensure we’re reaching people from all backgrounds, and giving them access to world-class training and an impactful career.”

Peppa Wise, Vice President Go to Market at Multiverse, said: “AWE has created outstanding opportunities in Reading for those at the start of their careers to learn new skills and get straight into a vital and exciting job defending the UK. Not only will apprentices gain the most in-demand skills to enhance their careers, but AWE will benefit from the new skills and thinking that apprentices can bring to the organisation.”

Team Multiverse

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