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EDF creating apprenticeships to drive advanced skills and invest in staff

By Team Multiverse

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EDF has launched new training to its staff through a Data Academy, creating 20 apprenticeships including up to degree level.

It is part of a drive from the energy provider to boost data efficiency, increase insight and invest in its people.

The average team member within EDF’s Retail division spends more than 25 hours a week working with data, and the programme aims to empower colleagues to use that time more effectively.

The training will be delivered by Multiverse, a tech company delivering high-quality education and training through applied learning. Multiverse has trained more than 11,000 apprentices in data and digital skills since 2016.

Apprentices have enrolled on one of two Multiverse programmes. The 15-month Data Fellowship programme delivers best-in-class training in advanced data analysis capabilities, giving apprentices the skills to clean, analyse and model data and tell data stories to non-specialists.

The degree-level Advanced Data Fellowship will empower apprentices to become leaders in data analysis and data science. Apprentices will build core capabilities in areas like statistical testing, data ethics, predictive modelling as well as data security - and will graduate with a BSc degree at the end of their programme.

Lillian Phillip, Senior Leader of Commercial Operations at EDF, said: “Investing in data skills is pivotal for navigating the dynamic landscape in the energy sector, mirroring EDF’s commitment in helping the UK decarbonise to reach Net Zero.

“I’m so pleased we are launching this Data Academy as it focuses on experienced team members, reinforcing many of their self-taught data skills within a trusted framework. By embracing continuous learning and skill enhancement, we are investing in people’s careers, but also driving transformative change, shaping a future powered by data-driven insights helping our customers save cash and carbon.”

Peppa Wise, Vice President of Go-To-Market at Multiverse, said: "The most forward-thinking organisations recognise the need to anticipate future skills needs and actively invest to build those skills in-house. The EDF Data Academy is designed to deliver efficiencies and advanced data analytics, and in turn enhanced service for their customers. It’s great to see this commitment to learning and development that will ultimately benefit both the team at EDF, the business, and their customers."

Team Multiverse

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