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Expanding our partnership with the Black Young Professionals network

By Team Multiverse

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is high on the agenda for organisations across the UK and US. Startups and corporations, as well as further and higher education institutions, are committing to better reflecting the communities they serve.

We’re right there with them. From how we hire and support our apprentice community, to the way we build our own internal team. Our approach to DEI has always been crucial to achieving our social mission.

Be the change you want to see

We want to be a leader when it comes to DEI, and this journey starts within. Since day one, we’ve put inclusion at the heart of our growth. This includes implementing a DEI monitoring structure for all our teams, partnering with like-minded organisations to reach talent from a diversity of backgrounds, and offering reverse mentorship to all our senior leaders.

Now, we’re expanding our partnership with the Black Young Professionals (BYP) Network.

BYP Network was formed to connect Black professionals from all over the world, providing access to role models, career opportunities and business support.

With 125,000 members spread across five continents, and over 600 corporate clients including Facebook, Burberry and Goldman Sachs, the network is growing from strength to strength.

Since launching our partnership, we have collaborated on content focused around scaling your career and coaching. We sponsored BYP’s “shoot your shot” pitch competition, and this year we are excited to be sponsors at the BYP Leadership Conference, due to take place in autumn of 2022.

BYP will also be a key partner in delivering tailored and insightful content and events for our Multicultural Network. This network exists to be a safe space for people of every culture and ethnicity, where they can share experiences, best practices and be confident allies for everyone in the community.

Kike Oniwinde, founder and CEO of BYP Network

Kike Oniwinde, Founder and CEO of BYP Network said: “At BYP Network, our mission is to change the Black narrative by improving representation of Black professionals across all levels of business and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work closely with Multiverse to upskill their Multicultural Network.”

Jon Dookie, Community Networks Lead at Multiverse, said: “The partnership that we have formed with BYP Network will allow for the 200+ members of the Multicultural Network to gain access to opportunities, events, and speakers which aim to mitigate the additional external factors that can act as blockers to their goals.

“As the Multiverse Community Network lead, Multiverse Alumni, and a young black professional myself, I am super excited to see the impact this partnership will generate for our community members. Gaining access to such a great network will really help members navigate additional challenges with regard to their development.”

Meera Raikundalia, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships at BYP Network said: “BYP is extremely proud to partner with Multiverse and we look forward to delivering customised content and events for their community to interact with."

Euan Blair, CEO at Multiverse, said: "We were founded on a mission to create a diverse group of future leaders, and that applies both within our company and to the apprenticeships we create. We know that talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not(opens new window), so it's incumbent on all of us to do something about it.

"Talented people whatever their background deserve a clear path to success. The brilliant BYP Network aligns perfectly with our mission, and this partnership will enable us to share opportunities, content and resources across our communities."

You can find out more about the Multiverse community and opportunities available to apprentices and alumni here. To learn more about BYP and how to join the network, head here(opens new window).

Team Multiverse

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