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Frequently Asked Questions: Becoming a Multiverse Coach

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We asked Adrianne Morrison, a leader in our Data Literacy programme, our most commonly asked questions from our Coach interviews. Adrianne shared her perspective as a leader, and as someone who has been a Multiverse Coach herself. Find out what she had to say.

Q: To get us started, how do you set up your team for success?

A: To me, success is synonymous with consistency. It involves embodying excellence and striving for it every day. Continually raising the bar is crucial for success, benefiting apprentices, peers, and your own personal development.

As a leader in our Data Literacy Coach team, I draw on my past experience as a Coach to inform my leadership and management approach. This understanding enables me to grasp the potential and challenges faced by my direct reports and offer them support.

Although it is an individual journey, I encourage my direct reports to focus on consistency, fostering a two-way process that requires vulnerability from both sides. As a leader, my primary aim is to make their journey easier than mine was.

Q: What is the most common challenge you see Coaches encountering when they start at Multiverse? How can prospective candidates plan for this?

A: Multiverse is a unique business. We're building an outstanding alternative to university and corporate training - we're breaking down a broken system and building something better. It's ground-breaking work, so when Coaches first join us it can take some adjustment. Due to our first-in-class in-house recruitment team, we know our Coaches can do the job, so it is imperative new joiners come with an open mind and are ready for…drumroll please…feedback!

Feedback is a key part of our business and deeply embedded in our culture. One of our values is ‘development is at our core’ so we encourage everyone at Multiverse to embrace authenticity, vulnerability, and a positive attitude towards giving and receiving feedback. This will greatly assist new Coaches in integrating into the team and reaching their potential.

Q: You are someone that has progressed from the Coach role at Multiverse. What was that process like, and what is the one piece of advice you’d share with a perspective Coach who has development at the top of mind?

A: One of the remarkable aspects of Multiverse is how quickly one can develop professionally. However, this development does not come without effort. Development is closely linked to excellence. By striving to be the best every day, one naturally experiences growth. This mindset goes hand in hand with actively seeking diverse opportunities and viewing failure as a stepping stone to progress, particularly when accompanied by effective feedback.

Regarding the process, Coaches can progress from the Coach role after completing programme specific milestones. Once this milestone is achieved and the candidate demonstrates exceptional potential, they can choose one of three tracks:

  1. Management
  2. Individual Contributor: Technical
  3. Individual Contributor: Delivery

This allows individuals to shape their careers in alignment with their interests. Personally, I chose management. You can read about the development journey of my colleague Ilyas here.

Q: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a topic frequently discussed during our interviews, and I understand that 8 hours per month are dedicated to CPD. How does a new Coach typically spend this time?

A: It is interesting that you highlight the quantification of 8 hours per month. From my perspective, CPD is a continuous process that occurs daily. The definition of CPD is fluid, and the way one embodies it is organic. However, this does not mean that we lack a formal structure for CPD.

We have team-wide training sessions for all our Coaches every Monday. In the Data Literacy team specifically, every Coach participates in our data camp, which offers technical upskilling tailored to their pathway.

Additionally, we have our renowned Coach Academy—a 6-week intensive training programme that all Coaches undergo at the beginning of their journey at Multiverse, equipping them with the necessary skills for a successful start. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog focused on the Academy.

Throughout this Q&A session, Adrianne has emphasized that the Coach role is highly diverse and stimulating, requiring self-reflection, open-mindedness, and passion. We hope that this Q&A provides valuable insights to help you navigate our interview process successfully.

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Adrianne Morrison, Programme Lead

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