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Get AI skills with free, open modules from Multiverse

By Team Multiverse

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Curious about AI and want to learn how to get the best out of it?

Now, we’re opening up a sample of the Multiverse learning experience to everyone: so you can improve your skills on one of our modules.

You can develop an in-demand skill in about an hour on the Multiverse learning platform(opens new window).

Not only will you gain a new skill that will help you be more effective at work, but you’ll also get a taste of a Multiverse apprenticeship - and find out if it might be right for you.

We’re launching with a set of skills that apprentices tell us have unlocked new opportunities and efficiencies for them at work:

  • Prompt Engineering: unlock your use of Generative AI tools and LLMs with prompt engineering, a set of powerful strategies that will help you get the most accurate and useful responses from Generative AI tools. Not to mention, Prompt Engineer vacancies are currently commanding salaries above $300,000(opens new window)
  • AI Ethics: with many businesses concerned about the use of AI, employees who can navigate some of the legal and ethical dilemmas are in high demand. Through this module, you’ll learn about some of the considerations that should be made when using AI tools: like copyright, data protection and fair use
  • VLOOKUPs: if you want to expand your spreadsheet skills, using VLOOKUPs is a fundamental skill that enables you to connect data points, enabling easier data retrieval and analysis

We’ll add more taster modules in the future based on your feedback.

We know from our thousands of learners that better skills unlock better opportunities at work.

We believe that the best learning happens through immediate application and practice. Our unique applied learning approach brings together real projects, an ecosystem of support and interactive learning that guides our apprentices to apply their skills both as they learn and as they work. You’ll get a taste of that while learning a quick skill on our platform: with quizzes, videos, challenges and personalized learning pathways.

While these modules are self-guided, Multiverse apprentices enrolled via their companies receive personalized, one-to-one support in order to guide both their learning and working experiences while on program.

Opening up these taster modules to everyone is just one of the ways that we’re opening up world-class training to everyone. For our apprentices, we’re using AI to facilitate on-demand coaching, launching new programmes in Artificial Intelligence for business, and more as part of a multi-million dollar investment in our tech.

Team Multiverse

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