Introducing M-powered Days at Multiverse


At Multiverse, we’re doing something big. We’re breaking down an old system and building a better one. When you’re passionate about a cause, sometimes it can be hard to maintain the balance. That’s why we’re making wellness a priority, and we’re excited to announce a new initiative: M-powered Days.

So what is an M-powered Day? It’s a day, once a quarter, where the entire company collectively switches off and is empowered to prioritise their well-being. Every individual is different so there are no rules about how to spend the day, we simply encourage Multiversers to take care of themselves. When you work for a mission-driven organisation, and you’re surrounded by smart, driven and passionate people, it can be hard to switch off. That’s why we’re making this a company-wide initiative so that - as far as possible - there are no internal emails or slack messages to keep on top of during this well-deserved break.

We know that M-powered Days aren’t the only solution, and we have a number of wellbeing initiatives in place to support our people. We have a well-being working group, run by employees, who lead weekly sessions and share resources on important topics like managing stress, nutrition and building resilience. We’ve partnered with Spill to provide confidential and secure mental health support. Spill is accessible at any time through a Slack integration and employees can ask a therapist a question, have a one-off therapy session, browse content and tools, or receive a course of six therapy sessions. Additionally, everyone has access to mental health support, financial support, legal advice and bereavement counselling through an Employee Assistance Programme.

We hope that M-powered Days are one way to help employees take some time to do whatever makes them feel good.

How would you spend your M-powered Days? Join us and find out!

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