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It’s time to move from talk to action on AI

By Team Multiverse

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to create a productivity surge. Over two-thirds of leaders say AI will improve productivity and customer experience (69%) and create more informed business strategies (68%).

AI can unlock business success, jobs, and economic growth that will benefit all of us.

But right now, it’s easy to feel like we spend more time talking about AI than we do using it. Half (opens new window)of UK businesses have still not started to implement any meaningful AI activity.

It’s right to be optimistic about the future that AI can bring, but those words need to be backed up by action. Businesses, teams and individuals need to start rethinking business as usual, bringing in AI tools to supplement their work, automating the tasks that are holding things back.

That requires skills.

Introducing AI for Business Value

Our new AI apprenticeship programme empowers employees to implement action in their organisations. Apprentices will become proficient in AI and learn how to find the areas where it can unlock growth, efficiency and revenue. They’ll work on projects to bring AI into different functions of their business,

The 13-month apprenticeship is called AI for Business Value and combines the business skills needed to be an effective operator with the AI skills needed to drive efficiency and productivity gains.

Apprentices will also learn skills like evaluating AI tools, how to measure the impact of implementing AI and bridge the gap between the business and technical sides of the organisation. Through our AI Jumpstart module, they’ll become power-users of generative AI tools by learning skills like AI ethics and prompt engineering.

Individuals will learn through Multiverse's tried and tested, Ofsted-outstanding delivery model. They'll receive personalised, one-to-one support and join a community of others sharing the same learning experience.

The business leaders at the forefront of AI know there’s urgency here: keeping pace means implementing training. In fact, the biggest AI advocates are 53% more likely to invest in AI training and feel better positioned to meet skills needs by 2030.

Help your teams generate value from AI

By training employees to actively identify new opportunities, while staying aware of potential risks, you can generate real business value and keep your organisation ahead of the curve.

Find out more about building AI teams in our latest ebook, or read more about our AI for Business Value programme on our website.

Team Multiverse

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