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Unleashing the power of data through upskilling at Jaguar Land Rover

By Team Multiverse

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  1. The goal
  2. The solution
  3. The results

Enterprise businesses across all industries are striving to be more data-driven, to drive growth, unlock strategic goals and retain a competitive edge.

The identification and improvement of data skills involve a huge shift in the way employees work with data, across the entire organisation. Through collaborating with a strategic partner, organisations can begin to make changes at a large scale.

In August 2022, Jaguar Land Rover teamed up with Multiverse to take steps toward their data transformation.

The goal

Jaguar Land Rover had three main objectives for their upskilling efforts:

  1. Equipping employees with the knowledge and skills needed to identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase revenue.
  2. Building a data-driven culture that knows how to apply and leverage data in various scenarios – with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity and efficiency across the business.
  3. Increasing employee satisfaction and engagement by investing in skills development.

The solution

Jaguar Land Rover launched the Multiverse Data Fellowship programme to equip employees with the skills needed to become experts in data analysis, modelling and machine learning.

There are currently 600 Jaguar Land Rover employees on a Multiverse Data Fellowship programme across every department in the organisation, including Manufacturing, Product Engineering, Finance, Transformation, Supply Chain and many more.

"The Multiverse Data Fellowship programme has transformed our company's ability to harness the power of data, enabling us to make better decisions, innovate faster, and stay ahead of the competition. Our workforce is now equipped with the skills and knowledge to unlock valuable insights and drive real-world impact across our entire organisation.

"Multiverse has been an essential partner on this journey, and we look forward to continuing to work together to realise the full potential of our data-driven future." Martin Houghton, Chief Data Officer at Jaguar Land Rover

The results

Identifying opportunities to increase efficiency

After six months on the programme, Data Fellowship apprentice Kamil Poreda was able to identify production inefficiencies by creating a Tableau dashboard for Production Leads. These insights into the efficiency of the manufacturing lines have resulted in the production of 600 extra cars per week.

Increased productivity and efficiencies

Another apprentice, Huijie Ma, utilised Tableau to create dashboards reporting on the electrical diverts from manufacturing. This solution helped save Huijie and her team four hours a day, which equates to 85 hours saved per month.

The reports revealed the root causes of the divert, allowing ownership to be traced back to the specific functions, production lines and work groups, which created an opportunity for an efficient process of divert reduction.

Increased employee satisfaction

The Data Fellowship programme has also supported driving employee engagement - an incredible 100% of apprentices agree the apprenticeship aligns with their professional and personal goals.

“The apprenticeship has given me so much confidence. I am now far more structured in how I approach my work, taking the time to scope out projects with relevant stakeholders to understand their needs fully.” Kamil Poreda, Manufacturing, FACMON Controller at Jaguar Land Rover

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Team Multiverse

15 February 2023

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