Multiverse launches internal Leadership Accelerator

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  1. Diversity in Tech
  2. What is a Leadership Accelerator?
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At Multiverse, we’re committed to building a diverse workforce at all levels of our organization. Improving the representation of women, particularly at senior levels, has been a long-term focus for the tech sector. Whilst 73% of our leadership team identify as women, diversity includes the full spectrum of human difference and we want to build a leadership team that is representative of our employees and the communities we serve. That’s why we’ve launched a Leadership Accelerator as a route for internal talent from backgrounds currently underrepresented in our leadership team to grow within our business as we scale.

Diversity in Tech

The importance of improving diversity in the tech industry has been well articulated by the business community in recent years. Yet Silicon Valley Bank reports(opens new window) that only 26% of start-ups have programs in place to improve diversity at leadership levels.

At Multiverse, we’re on a mission to create a diverse group of future leaders and, internally, we want to create the change we want to see in the outside world, inside Multiverse. We’re proud of the diversity of our global team, but improving the diversity of the Director+ level at our business is a core priority.

Siobhan Randell, Senior Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager at Multiverse said:

"At the heart of this program is a commitment to equity. This requires acknowledging that there have been inequitable structures and systems at play for hundreds of years that continue to prevent fair access to certain industries, professions and particularly leadership roles. As a company, our mission requires us to level the playing field, not only for our apprentices but for our staff too.”

What is a Leadership Accelerator?

The Multiverse Leadership Accelerator is a 12 month program. Each employee is paired with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to take part in a structured mentorship and sponsorship relationship. In addition, participants complete bi-monthly training and bi-monthly group coaching with our Head of Leadership Development, Chichi Eruchalu. These sessions enable skills development, time to apply learning, space for reflection and a community of exceptional peers to grow with.

Toluwa Oyeleye, Senior Academy Coach at Multiverse and a member of the inaugural Leadership Accelerator cohort, said:

“I’ve been on many D&I programs in the past which I felt paid lip service only. But I knew something was fundamentally different in the best way possible when I stepped into the inaugural kick-off event. This time I felt seen, heard and valued. I am very much looking forward to the journey ahead, and learning from Euan, Jeremy, my mentor and cohort. Being a witness to an organisation that practises what it preaches feels truly amazing, but being a part of this Multiverse journey to creating a group of diverse leaders feels truly phenomenal.’’

Another member of the cohort, Nicole Parma, Apprentice Manager Lead on our US Team, travelled to London from our New York office for the launch of the Leadership Accelerator.

The thoughtfulness in the program design and the commitment of the Senior Leadership Team was evident during the launch event. It’s clear this is going to be a program that pushes us to lead authentically and lean into our strengths, and I’m excited to learn and grow alongside this cohort. I boarded my flight home feeling inspired and energized.

Long-term impact

This is the first cohort of many for Multiverse. The Leadership Accelerator is a long-term initiative, that will enable us to develop an exceptional internal talent pipeline for leadership roles across our global organisation. Our goal is to build a leadership team that is representative of our employees and the communities we serve.

Team Multiverse

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