North London Mental Health Partnership launches a Digital Academy

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North London Mental Health Partnership (NLMHP) has launched a Digital Academy to train more than 50 of its employees across every division in its organisation.

The training, which will be delivered by the tech company Multiverse, aims to enhance the Partnership's digital capabilities, making it more data-driven, and ultimately improve patient outcomes and services.

The initiative is part of NLMHP's strategy to upskill its workforce with an emphasis on intelligent use of data to drive improvements and efficiencies.

Sarah Wilkins, Chief Digital Information Officer at NLHMP says ‘‘being part of this initiative means understanding of our data and insights will be embedded through the organisation, enabling us to enhance our services and improve patient and service user outcomes. Not only will it drive operational efficiency, but it will also serve as a stepping stone in our commitment to professional development for our staff."

Multiverse has worked with more than 10,000 apprentices in areas such as data analytics and software engineering.

This is only just the start of the journey, NLMHP will enrol another 50 employees onto the Academy in March to embed cultural change across the Partnership.

Peppa Wise, Vice President Go To Market at Multiverse, said, " The nature of healthcare is changing. Tech and data have the potential to help all of us lead healthier lives.

“Through this partnership, NLMHP is not only investing in its operational efficiency to better support patients and service users, but it is also nurturing its workforce with cutting-edge data skills. This step will enhance patient services and outcomes, reflecting the growing embrace of a data-driven approach across the NHS."

Team Multiverse

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