Nuffield Health invests in data development enabling staff to improve health and performance outcomes

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Nuffield Health(opens new window), the UK’s largest healthcare charity, is upskilling its staff through enrolment on data fellowships to enhance its skills and capabilities.

By prioritising the skills development of their employees, Nuffield Health aims to improve the use of data and digital skills across the organisation, delivering better outcomes for patients and beneficiaries across its services. Employees will benefit from new skills, enabling them to make faster data-informed decisions, whilst becoming more self-efficient when working with data.

The programmes will cover a range of skills including analytics, AI, and predictive modelling. Training will be delivered by Multiverse, a tech company that has trained more than 10,000 learners in digital skills. Staff will enrol on one of two Multiverse programmes; the 13-month Data Literacy apprenticeship introduces apprentices to the use of data and covers the core technical skills required to transform data into insights, as well as softer skills like building narratives and presenting findings.

The 15-month programme Data Fellowship covers more advanced data analytics and modelling, giving learners the skills to clean, analyse and model data; the ability to visualise and tell data stories to non-specialists; and the confidence to lead conversations around machine learning.

Professor Ben Kelly, Director of Data at Nuffield Health, said: “It’s vital that we are data-driven in everything that we do in order to deliver the best outcomes for all who use our services. Our use of data has helped to identify the need for our free-to-access initiatives, as well as establishing and evolving how these are delivered by analysing the outcomes. We have ambitious plans for the future, and offering our people the opportunity to enhance their skillset will, in turn, help us to develop our data analysis, bolstering the health outcomes for all the services we provide. High-quality training is the way to unlock the use of data across Nuffield Health, and our partnership with Multiverse ensures that training is grounded in real-world application.”

Ben Davies, Organisational Development Director at Nuffield Health, said: “We want to see more of our people with these in-demand skills. Whether they are working from our head office, on the gym floor in one of our fitness and wellbeing centres, or working on the ward in one of our 37 hospitals; everyone at Nuffield Health will see the benefit of enhanced data skills and this benefit will positively impact all who use our services. The use of data will help us deliver on our purpose to build a healthier nation, but it will also greatly enhance the long-term career prospects of individuals who do the course by providing them with the most in-demand skills and valuable qualifications that are essential in this modern world.”

Peppa Wise, VP GTM at Multiverse, said: “Nuffield Health has recognised that data skills cannot be concentrated in a single data team or silo, they need to be spread across an organisation. Through this programme, team members across Nuffield Health will be able to use data to do their jobs better, and deliver better outcomes for their patients and beneficiaries.“

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