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Presenting Peppa Wise: from Account Executive to VP of Go-To-Market in 4 years

By Team Multiverse

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Peppa Wise joined Multiverse as an Enterprise Account Executive in 2019 after a successful sales leadership career at Darktrace and SenseOn. Peppa has rapidly risen through the ranks at Multiverse, from Account Executive to Regional Director, Area Vice President and now Vice President within 4 years. Throughout this blog, Peppa shares insights into her career journey, leadership style and motivations.

Previously you’ve held roles including Commercial Director at Darktrace & Head of Sales at SenseOn - why did you make the move to Multiverse as an Enterprise Account Executive?

Taking a ‘step back’ into an individual contributor role at Multiverse was a strategic and conscious decision, made with the confidence that I would progress more quickly and be a better leader in the future by following this path.

My goal was to be recognised as the go-to Sales Leader for high-growth scale-ups and I knew that to achieve this I needed to reinvest in my own development and learn a proven playbook for success. It’s really hard to lead a high-performing team without a winning formula, so in order to become a better leader, I wanted to learn and execute the playbook on the ground myself.

I was comfortable with taking the risk of moving to Multiverse back in 2019 because I had done my research and spoken to top-tier VCs in my network who backed Multiverse as the next big thing. When you look at our Series D funding and recent strategic hires and investment in technology, including our new Chief Product & Tech Officer Ujjwal Singh(opens new window), ex-CTO of GoFundMe and Head of Product at Meta, it’s clear that it was the right decision!

What advice can you share about successfully advancing your career at pace?

I truly believe that the best way to progress your career is to be 100% committed to your own development. It may look like I’ve been chasing promotions throughout my time here but I really haven’t! I’ve been chasing feedback and owning my professional development, and Multiverse is a meritocracy that recognises and rewards that.

For example, before I even joined the team as an Account Executive (AE) in 2019, I asked for my territory and access to resources and materials so that I could hit the ground running. And from day one, I totally embraced learning and executing the playbook at the highest standard. Now as a leader, I’ve seen that our most successful rampers do this too - if you truly commit to learning and living the playbook, and to hitting our Leading Indicators with quality, you will be successful.

Throughout my career, I’ve always asked my leaders for feedback and development. Building strong relationships with leadership and understanding what they want to see from you and what you need to improve is critical for progression.

And finally, I am committed to excellence and I have very high standards. I hold the whole team to a high standard because I do the same for myself!

What drives you as a leader?

My main motivation as a leader is to create a supportive and high-performance culture. I feel a big responsibility to the brilliant people we hire and I am totally committed to giving them the development that they join Multiverse for.

In the early stages of a hyper-growth company, it’s not always easy to get this right, but now in my role as VP, I am committed to doing just that. I want to be remembered as a leader who is focused on creating an inclusive, high-performance and development-centric environment, and I hold myself personally accountable for this.

Additionally, I’m driven by my belief in Multiverse - what we sell, what we do and who we are. I believe in every single AE, leader, and myself, and I know that we can continue to achieve incredible things together. This belief sustains me when things are challenging and motivates me further when things are going well.

Has Multiverse delivered on your expectations?

Oh, it’s delivered far more than I expected - in every way!

From a development perspective, since I joined Multiverse, our Average Selling Price (ASP) has increased exponentially. We achieved this enormous increase by pivoting from selling tactically to selling strategically. Today, we leverage value-based selling and work directly with the C-Suite at some of the biggest companies in the world. This shift towards strategic enterprise selling has naturally delivered increased earnings too.

It has also been more intense and challenging at times - but I think that is the reality of working for one of the fastest-growing companies in the world!

One of the unexpected bonuses of joining Multiverse was the life-long relationships I’ve made. There are people I’ve met here who will be in my life forever because we've been on this crazy journey together - through the highs and the lows, which is when you need those relationships the most!

At Multiverse, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional learning and development environment. Our structured sales playbook and world-class leadership team are designed to support your growth and development. We believe in promoting from within and operate a meritocracy, so you know that your progress will be unrivalled. Join Multiverse and transform your career, because your development is our priority. Apply here(opens new window)

Team Multiverse

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