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My journey from programme management to customer success at Multiverse

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We spoke to Lindsey Purpura, one of our Customer Success Managers in our Enterprise Team at Multiverse, about her experience transitioning into the role from a Programme Manager role in the big tech world. She wants to inspire people who are on the fence about a significant career shift and how her decision is already proving the right one.

Can you share with us what initially attracted you to Multiverse?

Whilst I hold a degree in psychology and cognitive neuroscience, these studies do not relate to my current role - learning on the job has proven much more effective in advancing through my career. So I instantly connected with Multiverse’s punchy mission.

Another factor that really confounded my interest in Multiverse was the focus on personal development. I reached a point in my previous role where I no longer felt challenged and the prospect of stretching myself motivated me massively.

Transitioning from a Programme Manager role in big tech to the Enterprise Customer Success team at Multiverse is a significant shift. Could you describe some of the differences you’ve encountered and some of the applicable parallels that helped you navigate the new role?

In programme management, building internal relationships is crucial for success, much like in Customer Success at Multiverse. Both involve managing without formal authority and moving forward together. My programme management background has helped me build, and crucially, maintain relationships efficiently and effectively.

However, the shift to working with external stakeholders has been the most notable change at Multiverse. In my experience so far, it is evident that external stakeholders take more relationship building and buy-in than internal stakeholders. It is vital to ensure our client’s time is well spent and to align results to their company objectives, this is a skill I am continually learning.

As someone who has experienced both the corporate world and the startup environment, what unique perspectives or skills do you believe you bring to your role in Customer Success at Multiverse? How do these perspectives contribute to your success in your current position?

Coming from a big tech background, I've learned the significance of scalability and process sustainability. While large companies don't always get it right, it instils an awareness of the critical factors for successful scaling. Considering how processes age and adapt to company growth is essential and shapes my general approach to new projects.

In my early career in big tech, I embraced the idea of not waiting for everything to be perfectly in place before starting a project. Taking action with a "short-term loss, long-term gain" mindset is key. For instance, we've often thought a process could be better in the long term with certain improvements. In big tech, you learn to be proactive, take initiative, and determine when to inform your manager. Dealing with red tape in larger organizations taught me how to effectively manage up and communicate, which hugely benefits my cross-functional relationships at Multiverse.

Making a career change can be daunting! Can you share any advice or insights for individuals who are considering a similar transition from big tech to a startup with a social mission? What would you tell someone who is on the fence about taking that leap?

Do it. You'll undoubtedly experience faster personal growth and development. Here at Multiverse, we are offered numerous opportunities for development and I can really attest to the prioritization of my growth professionally and personally. I no longer feel like just a small part of a big machine; I can clearly see the impact I'm making through meaningful work. For instance, I'm currently collaborating with the NHS to address skill gaps and onboard new apprentices for their essential worker teams. How rewarding is that?

Lindsey is clear about the pros of making a career move, and whilst it will always come with challenges, having the right mindset to tackle those head on, and see them as learning opportunities will set you up for success in both the long and short term. Multiverse’s mission and development opportunities made her career move enticing and she hasn’t looked back since. Looking for your next move? We’re hiring, click here(opens new window) to see our live roles.

Lindsey Purpura, Enterprise Customer Success Manager

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