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Transitioning from Big Tech to Multiverse

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Imagine a world where your everyday work is genuinely changing lives. At Multiverse, we're creating a more equitable and effective pathway into tech careers for people from a diversity of backgrounds - driving improved access and creating better businesses. In this blog, we'll share exactly why joining Multiverse now, at scale-up stage, will be one of the most rewarding decisions of your career.

We believe that the future of learning is working, and so we are building a revolutionary platform which enables this learning. As we continue to grow our Tech team, we are always looking to welcome extraordinary talent. Our newly appointed CPTO, Ujjwal Singh(opens new window), joins us following an impressive career building products and teams across Meta, Google and GoFundMe. He says: “Even after all the studying I’ve done, my best lessons came from the workplace, not the classroom. That’s why I was so driven by the mission of Multiverse, and the opportunity to build the future of applied learning.” You can read more about Ujjwal’s appointment here.

Hear directly from our impressive colleagues across our Tech org who have transitioned from Big Tech to Multiverse, to understand their motivations for joining a tech start-up.

Rachel Simpson(opens new window), our Director of UX, tells us about her experience of joining Multiverse following an 8-year tenure at Google.

“At Google, I was really fortunate to work on teams like Chrome, Duo and Search, at a moment in time when there was a lot of space to build new things. We balanced iterating at speed with the rigorous practice required when serving millions or billions of people. There was so much joy in building new and useful products with some of the best designers, developers and product people in the world.”

Talking about her decision to join Multiverse, Rachel tells us about what she was looking for in her next move.

“When I was looking for my next opportunity, I wanted to find a place that matched the bar set by Google. I was looking to build a best-in-class UX team at a company where they could do outstanding work, where every day would be even more exciting than the last. And ultimately, I wanted to build a team at a world changing company.

At Multiverse, I’ve been incredibly lucky to build a team of exceptional (and lovely!) designers and user researchers. We’re developing a game changing product which will equitably transform the careers of our next generation leaders. We get to see that the work we do makes a life changing difference for our apprentices, and drives a meaningful change to society. It’s a privilege to do what we do.”

Joe Freeman(opens new window), our Director of Engineering, joined Multiverse after working at Amazon and Deliveroo. We asked him what the most exciting aspects of building tech at Multiverse are.

“Being a builder at Multiverse means solving problems in a product centric way, to help scale our mission. Our problem spaces straddle multiple user types - our apprentices, our enterprise customers and our coaches. We solve problems that consider the interactions between these actors which makes for exciting systems thinking and opportunity for experimentation. When we are successful we make a real difference for our apprentices and provide real impact for our customers. We are relatively early on our journey building and our technology team is often faced with the opportunity to work on solving novel problems which are both exciting and impactful.

You may be wondering:  how can my corporate experience be applicable to a scale-up? Joe talks about some of his advice to those who are considering the leap.

Bring the best of what you have learnt and help Multiverse to achieve its mission. We are solving unique problems in a relatively new industry and we want to become the best version of Multiverse - we don’t want to replicate how other companies work. Being able to not only challenge the status quo, but change it, is an important part of being successful here and there are no areas out of bounds. Everything from our process, our development frameworks, tools and technologies are open to challenge and improvement - if it’s not working as well as it could, you can change it!”

For many of us, joining Multiverse meant joining an organisation where the mission is at the heart of everything we do. When we asked Rachel to share some advice on joining Multiverse from a Big Tech company, she said get to the heart of what motivates you, find that, and then just jump.” We couldn’t agree more.

Joining the Tech org at Multiverse means joining a product-led, collaborative and highly skilled team of specialists. A place where you bring your ideas and visions to life. A place where you can build, fail, learn, and build again. A place where you can create technology unlike anything else out there.

Want to be part of this incredible journey, building groundbreaking and socially impactful products? Apply to roles in our Tech org here(opens new window).

Rubina Begum, Tech Talent Partner

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