When we used Multiverse’s Working Abroad Policy to travel around Kenya

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At Multiverse, we know that our people are our greatest asset and we're committed to attracting and retaining the very best talent. We recognise the importance of empowering our employees to balance work and home life by offering flexibility. Two Multiversers, Lara Thompson (Software Engineer) and Rosanna Leslie Melville (Customer Success), share their experience of using our Working Aboard policy to explore Kenya.

Multiverse’s Working Abroad Policy

Multiverse is committed to flexibility and operates a hybrid working model. As well as having the flexibility to work remotely in the UK, employees - like us - also want to work abroad at times. So, Multiverse created a working abroad policy, enabling employees to work within certain countries for up to 45 working days per year. Taking advantage of this policy, we decided to work remotely from Kenya for 2 weeks, followed by a week of holiday, so that we could make the most of our trip. We couldn’t recommend our experience more!

Exploring Kenya

Kenya seemed like a good destination given the hot weather, beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife and the challenging task of climbing Mount Kenya! Another benefit was the two hour time difference, giving us plenty of time to explore in the morning. We were able to do pre-work snorkelling, visit nature reserves and paddleboard through mangroves - all before the working day began! By adjusting our working hours while abroad, we could effectively collaborate with our teams during the UK working hours.

Making remote working, work

It was essential for us, and Multiverse, that we were able to work effectively whilst we were away. During our first stop in Nairobi, we bought dongles which allowed us to connect to the internet without having to use wifi. These, and portable monitors, became our closest allies and meant that we weren’t restricted in the places we visited and were able to replicate our working-from-home setup wherever we went. The setup worked so well, allowing us to travel and work hand in hand. So much so that we have since worked from Mexico and Ghana - and are planning our next trip soon!

Multiverse places emphasis on autonomy and flexibility, whilst also ensuring that everyone is able to work in an environment where you can have fun and be yourself - wherever that may be in the world! The working abroad policy is just one example of how Multiverse upholds its values and puts the employee experience at the heart of its People strategy.

Written by Lara Thompson & Rosanna Leslie Melville

Team Multiverse

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