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Multiverse Impact Report

  • 87% of business leaders believe they have skills gaps
  • 47% of workers have had no training in the last 5 years
  • 50% of the global workforce will need re-skilling by 2025
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The working world has changed, but learning hasn’t.

Technology and AI has radically transformed how the world works, creating the need for a new set of skills in the workplace. But the current transition from education to work is both economically inefficient and socially unfair. We want to change that.

If future-focused jobs are the fastest way to economic opportunity then we need to set a new course for work, both for those looking to enter the workforce and those already in it.

Our solution? A new kind of apprenticeship that combines work and learning to create equitable access to economic opportunity, for everyone


Last year, we transformed careers, organisations, and Multiverse.

In this year’s report, we share the impact apprenticeships are having on talented individuals and the organisations they work for. The report takes you through what we’re doing to break the expensive barrier between education and employment that’s currently holding people and companies back.

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Transforming careers

Real world examples of how apprenticeships have transformed careers.

94% of individuals remain at their employer beyond their apprenticeship

Half of all apprentices saw a salary increase since starting their learning programme

1 in 3 apprentices got a promotion

Transforming organisations

Hear from business leaders on how apprenticeships are transforming their organisation.

We’re now partnered with over 1,500 companies in the US & UK

We’ve tracked £2 billion+ ROI for our customers

Transforming Multiverse

Learn how we’re setting a new course for work, and building a learning platform that’s led by people, powered by data and supercharged by AI.

We delivered 2.4million hours of learning in the past 12 months

Half of all apprentices saw a salary increase since starting their learning programme

Impact Report 2024

Download the full Multiverse Impact Report 2024

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