Announcing our new Chief Revenue Officer: Alex Varel

A portrait style photo of Multiverse CRO, Alex Varel

We are thrilled to introduce Alex Varel as our new Chief Revenue Officer. With Alex at the helm, we are poised to embark on the next phase of our expansion, not only in the US and UK but also across the globe.

He will be responsible for leading, developing, and growing Multiverse’s go-to-market team, who have successfully launched apprenticeship programs at 1,000 companies worldwide. Through their efforts, they have built strong partnerships with the world’s top employers, helping companies address skill gaps, diversify their early talent strategies, and prepare their workforces for the future of work.

In Alex’s own words: “The rapid pace of technological change requires relevant, up-to-date human skills. This requirement has never been more important. With AI, our workforce faces opportunities like augmentation and productivity gains, but we also face huge risks around the potential displacement of human talent. At Multiverse, we’re positioning our customers and their employees to succeed in the face of so much change.

Joining Multiverse is a unique opportunity to partner with a very talented team, grow our company together and drive forward a solution that has been tested again and again by the most demanding, high-expectation employers.

I’ve been fortunate to learn, on the job, from some of the most elite go-to-market teams out there. I’m excited to bring that experience to Multiverse. Our continued excellence in go-to-market will ensure a powerful customer experience for companies and apprentices.”

Alex’s experiences have made him one of the most in-demand leaders in tech. He has led sales teams across markets, regions, and segments at some of the most exciting growth companies in the world including: Udacity, MongoDB, and Zscaler.

Alex has a strong track record within EdTech and human capital. He ran enterprise sales at CareerBuilder and founded the enterprise sales business while at Udacity. His experience spans the start-up and scale-up ends of the tech company journey — spanning pre and post-IPO experiences.

At the start of 2023 Multiverse reached 10,000 apprentices, and continues to partner with a growing number of the Forbes Global 2000. We’re actively hiring in this team in both the US & UK. To learn more about life in Multiverse’s go-to-market team read Peppa Wise’s journey from Account Executive to VP in just 4 years.

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