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Life at Multiverse

Introducing Multiverse's New Hiring Framework: The 3Cs

By Team Multiverse

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In the rapidly evolving world of work, we know that it’s not just about hiring the right candidate for the job - it’s about finding people who will contribute positively to our culture, bring in diverse skills and perspectives, and drive us forward as a company. To help us achieve these goals, we’re introducing a new hiring framework at Multiverse. We call it the 3Cs: Capability, Coachability, and Character.

The 3Cs Defined

Our 3Cs framework simplifies and reinforces what we look for in our candidates:

  1. Capability: Demonstrates the required hard/technical skills and competencies necessary to do the job well, exhibits the ability to think critically and handle complex tasks effectively, and possesses the necessary knowledge and experience to excel in their role.
  2. Coachability: Shows a willingness and eagerness to learn, develop, and grow in their role, accepts and implements feedback effectively, utilising it as a tool for improvement, and demonstrates self-awareness and the ability to reflect on personal growth.
  3. Character: Displays resilience, discipline, work ethic and a positive attitude in the face of challenges, proven history of driving towards long term goals and a relentless pursuit of excellence, acts with integrity, ethical conduct, and a collaborative spirit, embraces diversity, and contributes to a positive work environment.

Key principles of the 3Cs

  1. Simplicity scales: This framework cuts through ambiguity and offers a clear guide to what we seek in a candidate. It’s designed to be easily understandable and utilised by our hiring team and our candidates.
  2. Values alignment: It's fundamental that the people we bring onboard align with our core values and contribute positively to our work culture.
  3. Data driven: The 3Cs enables a measurable and equitable hiring process for every candidate, and drives continuous improvement in our hiring strategy over time.

Through the 3Cs framework, our goal is to attract and hire people who will thrive in our unique environment. The characteristics we've identified reflect a balance of critical skills, leadership potential, growth mindset, and shared values: the foundations for a successful career at Multiverse.

If the 3Cs resonate with you, we’d love to receive your application. We’re on a mission to provide equitable access to economic opportunity, for everyone. Join us?

Team Multiverse

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Life at Multiverse

Our Multiverse Values

Our company values were formed by our Founder and CEO, Euan Blair, and are reflective of his personal belief system and the values that he holds himself to. Additionally, it was important for the values to reflect our core beliefs as an organisation and our wider leadership team. Values are so important for us as they define not only who we are, but how we work and make decisions.

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By Team Multiverse

22 January 2024

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