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Multiverse partners with Northeastern University to launch degree pathway program

By Team Multiverse

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At Multiverse, we believe the future of learning is working. To succeed in today’s labor market, there must be a focus on continuous skill building – a single shot of education isn’t enough for a multi-decade career.

As new technologies rapidly emerge and shift, we must all adapt and hone our skills to adjust to emergent demands and technologies. There’s no one answer or singular pathway to upward mobility.

That’s why today Multiverse, in partnership with Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies(opens new window) (CPS), launched the first degree pathway in the US for Multiverse apprentices. The applied learning and working experience Multiverse apprentices receive on the job will now be recognized with credits towards a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University, creating additional opportunities to earn a degree, while working and receiving a full-time salary.

The Northeastern Partnership

With CPS’ extensive track record of valuing the workplace as an effective classroom and renowned co-op program(opens new window), this degree pathway program affirms the high standard of education and experience apprentices receive throughout Multiverse’s 12-month Advanced Analytics program while helping to reach new students who otherwise may be unable to earn college credit.

The new partnership allows for current and future apprentices of the program, along with alumni, to earn 12 credits towards a bachelor’s degree in analytics within CPS. Should they choose to, apprentices can also complete their degree remotely, on-campus in Boston, or through a hybrid approach – opening access to all apprentices throughout the US.

Apprentices pursuing the degree pathway will receive the college credits without any cost. For apprentices with previous college credit, coursework will be reviewed and applicable transfer credits will be awarded.

“Our priority at CPS is our students, ensuring that we’re providing them with the skills, education and training they need to enter the workforce and embark on their careers,” says Erin Clair, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs about the new effort. “We’re excited about this partnership with Multiverse and our collective efforts to help more students advance their careers with a Northeastern degree.”

Why It Matters

Barriers to higher education, including time and resources, exist for those interested in attending college. However, through Multiverse’s partnership with Northeastern, apprentices can earn full-time wages and continue their education at the same time – helping those workers tear the paper ceiling(opens new window) to access higher-wage jobs. This new degree pathway is an important step in providing opportunities for people of all backgrounds to both pursue a degree and continue their education through applied learning.

“The critical skills apprentices learn through their programs will now have the additional recognition of college credit - earned without debt, and without having to take time out of paid work,” says Gary Eimerman, Chief Learning Officer at Multiverse. “This partnership is yet more evidence that applied, on-the-job learning is the most effective way to close critical skill gaps.”

At Multiverse, we’re proud to offer this new degree pathway to apprentices – building on last year’s milestone when we became the first apprenticeship provider in the UK to receive degree-awarding powers.

Given our mission is to create equitable access to economic opportunity we are excited to broaden pathways for workers across the US through this exciting new partnership with Northeastern.

Applications for the Multiverse - Northeastern Degree Pathway open January 16, 2024.

Team Multiverse

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