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Multiverse Tech: Multiverse joined by EduFlow and hires CPTO

By Team Multiverse

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Today we’re excited to share our latest investment in technology, by teaming up with innovative EdTech company, Eduflow, and appointing Ujjwal Singh as our Chief Product and Technology Officer.

When our apprenticeship model works, it’s because it uses the transformational power of working and learning combined. Our apprentices learn in a meaningful way: developing skills on-the-job, and applying those skills straight away to drive business success.

But we aspire to truly world-class apprenticeships, available to everyone: and that depends on enhancing and building the technology that powers apprenticeships.

Our provision, which is used by over 1000 organizations, already uses technology platforms to personalize the learning experience, connect apprentices to the best opportunities and the most relevant content, and help our coaches have impactful connections with apprentices.

And now, we’re accelerating our investment into this part of our business.

Today, we’re delighted to be joining forces with Eduflow, one of Europe’s most dynamic education start-ups. The team at Eduflow have built a world-class education platform, used by thousands of learners.

The move represents our first acquisition and will mean we can give greater levels of personalization to apprentices, ensuring the skills that they learn are relevant and delivered more effectively.

Eduflow CEO David Kofoed Wind said: “When it comes to learning the skills needed to navigate the workplace, it’s clear that the future of learning isn’t lectures and textbooks, it’s delivered through the transformational power of working and learning combined.

“By integrating Eduflow's technology and team into Multiverse's existing stack, apprentices will benefit from more specialization to ensure their skills are directly applicable to their careers, and a greater level of peer-learning, to help build the connections, communication skills and teamwork necessary to thrive.”

This week, we’re also welcoming Ujjwal Singh to Multiverse as our first Chief Product and Technology Officer. Ujjwal joins us from Meta, where he led the development of Facebook’s suite of workplace tools, and has driven product innovation at Google and GoFundMe.

With our first acquisition and the appointment of our first CPTO, this marks our largest single investment into our technology stack to date, and one that we are confident will accelerate the learning for our apprentices, and the results that businesses see from their programs.

Ujjwal said: “Even after all the studying I’ve done, my best lessons came from the workplace, not the classroom. That’s why I was so driven by the mission of Multiverse, and the opportunity to build the future of applied learning.”

Technology has always been at the heart of how we deliver a brilliant experience to both apprentices and their employers. That’s how we scaled to reach 10,000 apprentices earlier this year.

Now, our ability to continue scaling applied learning relies on our ability to build the tools and technology that can underpin the future of apprenticeships.

This is an investment in our apprentices’ success - because we know that when we accelerate learning for our apprentices we accelerate results for employers.

Team Multiverse

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