Top Data Analytics Courses for 2024

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  1. The Top Data Analytics Courses in 2024
  2. What to Look for in a Data Analytics Course
  3. Frequently Asked Questions About Data Analytics Courses
  4. Take the Next Step in Your Data Analytics Journey with Multiverse

Data is the fuel powering today's top businesses. And it's still growing in importance—according to Statista, the total amount of data(opens new window) created, captured, and consumed worldwide in 2024 will be more than 2x 2020's output.

As data grows in importance and complexity, so do the jobs of those who harness it to unlock insights for growth. In this blog, we're breaking down the top data analytics course for 2024.

The Top Data Analytics Courses in 2024

Multiverse's Advanced Analytics Apprenticeship combines a market-leading data analytics education with the practical experience learners need to kick off their career in data analytics. This apprentice program trains data professionals to master industry-leading analytical tools, turn raw data into valuable insights, and propel innovation.

Students learn to manage data quality, work with automated processes, and leverage code to build valuable predictive analytics. You'll also gain job-ready skills as you develop your own portfolio of work and work for a top company during your apprenticeship.

Learning modules in this program include:

  1. Data and database foundations
  2. SQL
  3. Business intelligence tools
  4. Visualizing and storytelling with statistics
  5. Working with Python
  6. And much more

Best of all? Unlike many other options, Multiverse apprenticeships are entirely free for learners. Students receive the Multiverse Certificate in Advanced Data Analytics upon completing the program. Eligible students may also receive a Department of Labor Apprenticeship Certificate.


12 Months


Free to students

Ready to kick off your career as a Data Analyst and learn the most relevant data skills of the future for free? Apply to learn more today.

Google Analytics Certification via Coursera

This course, a collaboration between Google and Coursera, provides learners with an overview of the skills entry-level data analysts need to get started.

The curriculum covers techniques for organizing and cleaning data for analysis, performing analyses and calculations with spreadsheets, SQL, and R, and visualizing and presenting data findings through dashboards, presentations, and visualization platforms.

Although you can enroll for free, this course requires a monthly subscription to Coursera after the initial 7-day trial period. As it's not an apprenticeship program, it also lacks the opportunity to work directly with a company while you learn. Learners can access Coursera's job search guide as part of their subscription.


6 Months


Free to enroll, then pay Coursera subscription fee after fre trial ($49/month)

Code Academy

The BI Data Analyst Career Path at Code Academy is designed to equip learners with the fundamental skills required for a career as a BI Data Analyst. This program focuses on teaching data analysis through hands-on application of Python, SQL, and other languages. Students can also complete hands-on projects to enhance their portfolios, which can help with employment opportunities in this high-demand field.

Similar to the Google/Coursera course, Code Academy's program lacks the opportunity to work directly at a company while you learn.


Self-paced (50 hours total)


Some Code Academy courses are free, while other require the purchase of a Pro or Plus membership ($240 or $180, respectively)

Data Camp

The Data Analyst Certification course from Data Camp is another option for individuals aiming to learn how to use data analytics to answer essential business queries and deliver insights.

This program provides the opportunity to join a community of fellow certified students. Students first register and learn at their own pace before taking a series of exams leading to certification. Certification comes with benefits, such as access to industry events, a group forum, and exclusive content. Registration includes access to Data Camp's complete library of career path resources, such as other courses and practice projects.


From enrollment, 30 days until certification exam


$25 monthly

Cornell University Online Data Analytics Certificate

The Cornell University online Data Analytics Certificate is an e-learning pathway taught by faculty from Cornell University's SC Johnson College of Business.

Unlike some others on this list, the Cornell Data Analytics Certificate is instructor-led. It provides learners with the knowledge to pull out takeaways from large data sets, ask fundamental business questions, and wield data for essential insights.

Because the course is guided by actual Cornell faculty, this option is pricier than others on this list. According to the program page, it's also meant for learners who actively use data in their full-time roles, so it may not be as great an option for true beginners.


9 weeks



What to Look for in a Data Analytics Course

When picking a data analytics course, students should consider a few things to ensure it's a sound investment.

First, check the course content to see if it teaches you both the basics and more advanced stuff about data analytics, and make sure it's up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

Next, you'll have to think about how the course is delivered. Do you prefer learning online at your own pace, or do you prefer an instructor-led model?

You should also try to find courses that let you practice what you're learning with real-life examples. Top courses should include projects, case studies, or, ideally, match you with an employer during your learning. These are great because they let you apply what you've learned practically.

Multiverse's apprenticeship program is an excellent option for those looking to master data analytics and gain job-ready, real-world skills.

Frequently Asked Questions About Data Analytics Courses

How long do data analytics courses usually last?

Courses can vary in length. Short courses take a few weeks, while more in-depth programs could last several months to a year.

How much do these courses cost?

Prices range from free courses, such as Multiverse's Data Analytics Apprenticeship, to more expensive, university-led programs that can cost several thousand dollars.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in a data analytics course?

Prerequisites requirements also vary by course. Some introductory courses require no prior knowledge and are designed for beginners or non-traditional students. Others, especially more advanced programs, require you to have a certain level of mathematical or programming-language proficiency.

Take the Next Step in Your Data Analytics Journey with Multiverse

Ready to kick off your career as a Data Analyst?

With Multiverse's Data Analytics Apprenticeship, you'll gain the technical know-how and business acumen to manage data quality, automate processes, and develop flexible, predictive models—all while developing real-world, paid experience working for a top company.

Take the next step and get paid to become a Data Analyst. Learn more and apply today.

Team Multiverse

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