Transitioning from Industry into Coaching at Multiverse

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With a relentless focus on a mission to help build a diverse group of future leaders, Multiverse coaches take on a meaningful role that makes an impact and changes apprentices’ lives every single day.

Thanks to Multiverse’s Coaching Academy launching in the US, industry professionals from relevant sectors can easily transition into coaching regardless of their teaching and previous experience (or lack thereof) in education.

While a career change from industry into coaching might seem like a daunting transition, the Coaching Academy makes it easy for those with valuable industry experience who believe in the company’s mission and believe passionately in social mobility and the development of talent.

What is the Coaching Academy program?

The Coaching Academy at Multiverse in the US is a 6-week onboarding program that helps professionals transition from industry into coaching. The program is free of charge and completed on the job, while earning a salary. The Academy experience consists of:

  • Weekly sessions on the fundamentals of pedagogy and personalized coaching.
  • Roleplay workshops to practice skills acquired & receive quality, actionable feedback.
  • Collaboration with experienced Multiverse coaches to shadow, observe and assist with active cohorts.

The program culminates with a final project that involves hands-on material delivery to Multiverse apprentices. Depending on the aspiring coach’s program, the final project might consist of a workshop in their topic or assisting an experienced coach in delivering material to an ongoing cohort.

At Multiverse in the UK, we offer a 3 month Coaching Academy program. You can find out more here.

What are the benefits?

The full duration of the program is completed as part of the onboarding period (while earning a full salary), which allows candidates from relevant industries to transition into coaching without having to pause their careers or spend additional money on external training courses and certifications.

In addition to covering the specifics for the coach role at Multiverse, the program also focuses on developing key transferable skills that will be beneficial to aspiring coaches for the rest of their careers. Some examples are:

  • Fostering and embracing a growth mindset
  • Using goal-setting frameworks
  • Boundary setting and time management
  • Understanding different learning styles
  • Understanding and applying principles of inclusive education

“The Coaching Academy is really helping me understand how to leverage my industry experience as a coach to empower apprentices. I feel like I’m developing essential skills to ensure apprentices are getting the most out of their experience at Multiverse.

The program also dissipated the initial anxieties I felt about jumping into a coaching role without previous teaching experience. I had several ‘aha!’ moments when learning about techniques, uncovering biases and preparing delivery sessions that I wouldn’t have reflected on without the Coaching Academy sessions.

It’s also a great way to dive into Multiverse’s culture and embrace the same growth mindset that we strive to instill in our apprentices. I now feel supported, prepared and confident to launch my first cohort soon and glad to be part of a team that will help me master my coaching skills.”

Jose Navarro, Digital Marketing Coach (current Coaching Academy participant)

You can learn more about what it’s like to work at Multiverse at the Life at Multiverse blog.

Who can Apply?

The program is offered to aspiring coaches who are industry professionals, without a teaching background, from technical sectors that are relevant to the current Multiverse programs: Digital Marketing, Data and Software Engineering.

“Ideal candidates for Academy are those who, throughout the interview process, demonstrate strength across our four hiring characteristics - Intelligence, Coachability, Character, and (Track Record of) Excellence. They are deeply aligned with Multiverse’s mission and hungry to be challenged, eager to learn & excited to grow."

Melissa Whitaker, US Academy Program Lead

Candidates with teaching experience who need to upskill in technical areas can also apply. Former teachers who need to upskill in data analytics follow a different track, focused on the technical needs of the coaching role.

How to apply?

The Multiverse team is growing and expanding rapidly in the US. The Coaching Academy experience is offered to new coach hires that fit the criteria and can benefit from the 6-week program. To apply, check out the open US coaching roles at the careers page.

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