Real challenge. Real projects. Real learning.

From tech and data, to business and management. Gain the knowledge and skills of the future – and the confidence to take your career somewhere special.

All of our programs include:

20% time

20% of time set aside for learning and connecting outside of day-to-day role

1-to-1 coaching

1-to-1 coaching from industry experts, for the apprentice and their line manager

Accredited qualification

The accredited qualifications needed to progress in a chosen industry


Data Literacy

13 months

The last year has seen unimaginable growth in the role of data and tech in our lives – and it's more important than ever to keep up. More and more businesses are looking for ways to increase their data capabilities to stay on top of the competition, increase efficiencies, and support their growth.


Anyone who would benefit from building their confidence in using data to inform their team’s work. This could be people early on in their career or those already managing a team. The main requirement is a clear desire to embrace the future and develop their knowledge in this area.

Digital Marketing

13 months

Apprentices dive into topics ranging from marketing principles and SEO to analytics and the basics of coding. They also get hands-on with a wide range of platforms.


Aspiring and junior marketing professionals looking to gain skills in a wide range of digital marketing activities.

Project Management

15 months

Projects are growing in complexity, while teams are becoming increasingly diverse. On this program, apprentices develop the tools and mindset needed to navigate these changes – and deliver amazing results for their organizations.


Junior project managers, early career management professionals or ambitious business administrators.

People Leadership

13 months

The future of work is exciting, but its complexity calls for a new kind of skillset to bring teams together and achieve lasting impact. This program turns new managers into the leaders of tomorrow.


People in the early years of a management career – or those ready to move into one.

Software Engineering

18 months

By building their skills across the entire software development lifecycle, apprentices become confident junior engineers, able to design, develop and secure accessible, full-stack applications.


Aspiring software engineers. Both those at the start of their career or professionals looking to retrain.

Data Fellowship

13 months

Learn how to analyze data and develop machine learning capabilities. Apprentices will also master data wrangling, analysis techniques, and the basics of Python.


Aspiring and junior data analysts.

Business Associate

13 months

Think of it as a mini MBA. Apprentices will uncover the inner workings of a successful business, from how to navigate regulations, to project management and personal development.


People ready to develop a grounding in a range of business functions and industries – and a platform for a successful career.