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By Team Multiverse

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  1. Transforming careers
  2. Transforming organizations
  3. Settings our sights on 100,000 learners

The working world has changed, but learning hasn’t.

Technology and AI has radically transformed how the world works, creating the need for a new set of skills in the workplace. But, the current transition from education to work is both economically inefficient and socially unfair. We want to change that.

If future-focused jobs are the fastest way to economic opportunity then we need to set a new course for work, both for those looking to enter the workforce and those already in it.

Our solution? A new kind of apprenticeship that combines work and learning to create equitable access to economic opportunity, for everyone.

These apprenticeships are transforming who gets access to the best careers, while giving companies the skillsets they need to drive their business forward.

Our 2024 Impact Report sets out how we’re transforming careers and transforming organisations, and what the future holds for Multiverse.

Transforming careers

Those who graduate from Multiverse programs enjoy better career prospects, salaries and chances of promotion.

  • 36% of apprentices get a promotion whilst on their apprenticeship or within 6 months of completing
  • 52% of apprentices get a salary raise
  • 94% of apprentices remain at their company post apprenticeship
  • 51% remain in contact with their peers six months after completing, building long-term networks to enhance their careers

Transforming organizations

Our analysis of data skills has found that 75% of workers in the knowledge economy use data more than 3 times a week, but the average worker spends as many as four hours a week working ineffectively with data.

By tracking time saving, productivity boosts and opportunities identified thanks to new skills gained on an apprenticeship, we’ve identified over $2 billion of return on investment (ROI) through apprenticeships.

Peppa Wise, VP GTM: “Apprenticeships are great for individuals: they enhance careers, and spread economic opportunity more equitably. But what’s often overlooked is that they are great for businesses, too! Apprentices find efficiencies, they spend less time on tasks, and save their firms money. They use their skills to identify new revenue opportunities, or allocate resources more effectively, or improve customer experience.”

Settings our sights on 100,000 learners

Our goal is to train 100,000 learners at the world’s biggest companies before the decade is out.

Because we know that well paid, future-focused jobs are the fastest way to economic opportunity, but the current transition from education to work is both inefficient and unfair.

At Multiverse we are creating a new course for work. One that moves us from a one-track “uni” system, to one that is more “multi” dimensionalized. A system that helps individuals connect their potential with productive, future-focused work.

By creating a smarter way to match the growth potential of companies and employees, Multiverse is providing equitable access to economic opportunity for everyone.

Read the full impact report

Team Multiverse

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