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Life at Multiverse

Celebrating Women in Tech at Multiverse

By Team Multiverse

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In today’s digital age, more than ever before, a diverse set of minds and voices are crucial for innovation and growth in the technology sector. All part of our thriving Tech team, Aishwarya, Mireia, Ellena and Sara generously share their experiences, insights, and advice for future generations in a recent interview.

At Multiverse, we are working hard to create the change we want to see in the world. We’re proud that 55% of our UK team identify as women, and this increases to 64% of our Global Leadership Team (director level and above). In our Tech team 36% identify as women - while this is higher than the UK Tech industry, we know we need to do more. This blog post aims to celebrate the contributions and perspectives of four exceptional women helping to shape Tech at Multiverse.

Aishwarya's journey, from rural India to being a Senior Software Engineer at Multiverse, is a testament to her passion for problem-solving and the transformative power of technology."In the rural parts of India where I grew up, problem-solving and mathematics were my escapes, and my journey started when my father gifted me a laptop during my childhood. This sparked my curiosity and passion for technology," Aishwarya says.

Aishwarya believes that the tech industry's most rewarding aspect is its profound societal impact, especially in her role at Multiverse, where she works on projects aiming to bridge the tech skills gap. "Witnessing the transformation of people's lives, especially those who couldn't afford traditional education, is incredibly fulfilling,” she explains.

Looking ahead, Aishwarya imagines exciting possibilities for the future of the tech industry, where technology is used as a tool to address real-world challenges and contribute to positive societal changes.

Her advice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in tech? "Embrace curiosity and continuous learning," she advises, "Engage in real-world projects, network with industry professionals, and find your passion within the realm of technology."

For Mireia, her passion for mathematics led her naturally to a career in data science and she particularly enjoys using “mathematical models in real-world scenarios.”

Among the most rewarding aspects of her career, Mireia highlights the sense of achievement in seeing a project through to completion. She’s also excited by ’ the rapid advancements unfolding in the AI space, and how this will likely change the look of everyone’s lives and work going forward.

When asked what advice she would give to somebody considering a career in data science, Mireia keeps it straightforward: "Always continue learning." This aligns with the Multiverse value of ‘development is at our core’, which we know is crucial to a successful and fulfilling career.

"I’ve always been interested in dissecting details and spotting patterns," Ellena says, "The process of researching, spotting trends, and deciding what story to tell via aggregated information is surprisingly similar to creating a robust essay or report."

Her passion for data analytics fuels her current role at Multiverse, where she utilizes her talents to facilitate productive discussions and bring actionable outcomes for our customers.

As for the future, Ellena is most excited by the emerging potential of AI to increase productivity, enhance the understanding of customer sentiment, and help to make informed decisions using big data.

"If you're considering a career in data and analytics," Ellena advises, "make sure to research, talk to people in the industry, understand what you enjoy (whether it's the research aspect, cleaning data, storytelling, or all of it), take learning courses, and build a network. It’s useful for learning, demonstrating interest, and problem solving!"

Sara has found the perfect sweet spot between her knack for creativity and a more practical, functional role in the product design world.

"The challenging, shifting landscape of the tech world thrills me," Sara affirms, "The creativity that comes with coding and working with a team to turn ideas into reality seems like the perfect compromise between working in industry and being an artist."

When asked about the most rewarding part of her work, Sara speaks highly of her colleagues. "Working with incredibly talented people who challenge me every day and make me strive to be better".For Sara, one of the most exciting things about the tech industry is its constant dynamism; the industry is always on the move, continually advancing, which means there’s always something new to learn and adapt to.

Sara's advice to young women considering a career in tech is unequivocal: "Be brave and bold. There’s a space in the tech industry for us, too."

These inspiring stories underscore that the tech industry is a dynamic field populated by passionate, bold, and brilliant individuals. The contributions of women in tech enrich the industry and influence a more balanced, inclusive future.

If you’re looking to join our growing Tech team, check out our live roles(opens new window).

Team Multiverse

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