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Apprentice support policy


This policy outlines the support provided to Multiverse’s learners, to ensure they are happy, healthy, able to participate, and successful during their apprenticeship.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the:

  1. Apprentice Disability Policy
  2. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  3. Reasonable Adjustments Policy
  4. Attendance Policy
  5. Bullying and Harassment Policy
  6. Misuse of Substances Policy
  7. Safeguarding Policy
  8. Prevent Policy
  9. Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy
  10. Apprentice Code of Conduct
  11. Extenuating Circumstances Policy (degree apprenticeships only)
  12. Academic Complaints (degree apprenticeships only)
  13. Academic Appeals (degree apprenticeships only)
  14. Advanced Programmes Complaints Policy

Multiverse understands that its learners will be able to overcome many day to day challenges themselves, or with the support from friends, family, and their workplace. However, as their apprenticeship provider, we have an obligation to signpost and provide additional support where this is not the case.

Learners are supported and advised on a range of strategies and techniques to self-manage their mental health and wellbeing where possible. They are actively encouraged to take responsibility for their welfare through signposting in a variety of Multiverse resources.  This includes information, advice and guidance via the Community Hub, Apprentice Wiki and via their Coach.

Multiverse also recognises that some concerns may arise which need support from more specialist support. In these situations learners are advised to look for this support from sources such as their GP, the NHS or other organisations within the local area.  In circumstances where the learner is unable to get immediate support, we have partnered with Self Space to provide an alternative which will be accessible within days.

This is in addition to our duty of care to any learner that may have a disability under the Equality Act 2010 and thus entitled to support and protection in accordance with the Act.

This procedure does not constitute contractual terms and conditions. Multiverse reserves the right to amend any provision of this procedure subsequent to appropriate consultation.

The Apprentice Support Team will share statistical information relating various Apprentice Support needs through its governance process. It is ultimately the responsibility of the Programme Quality Subcommittee to ensure this data is adequately monitored and that considerations for change to support processes are discussed and approved as appropriate.

Apprentice support team

The Apprentice Support Team consists primarily of the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Interventions Executive (IE). They work closely together to provide learners with information, advice and guidance on a range of wellbeing issues.  This is normally after a disclosure has been made by the learners’ coach by completing the Multiverse disclosure form,  or directly by the learner contacting the DSL via the dedicated Safeguarding email or phone number.  If one learner is concerned about another, they should encourage the learner to seek advice from the Apprentice Support Team or make a disclosure themselves.

Disclosures can be made at any time during the Apprenticeship programme.

Although Coaches, Lead Tutors and Programme Leads/Directors may have received mental health first aid training, they are not trained counsellors and will advise learners that they will refer them to the Apprentice Support Team.

Multiverse’s DSL or Apprentice Support team does not provide an emergency service.

Confidentiality and privacy will be respected at all times, however if a learner is identified as being at immediate or high risk (i.e. having suicidal thoughts), appropriate action will be taken such as contacting the emergency services, Next of Kin, or other appropriate organisations.  For more information please refer to the Confidentiality Policy.

Multiverse ensures that any and all situations are treated fairly, sensitively and with respect.

Disclosures at orientation

Learners are notified that all needs disclosed via the orientation form can be shared with appropriate Multiverse staff who are involved in their learning, specifically, the Apprentice Support team, the Lead Tutor and the Coach. All needs disclosed directly to the Apprentice Support team will need signed consent to be shared with another member of staff. This process is completed on a PandaDoc template. Examples of these are: safeguarding issues shared directly to the safeguarding email address, issues disclosed directly to members of the Apprentice Support team and diagnostic assessment reports completed during the apprenticeship programme.

Non high-risk additional needs

Additional needs that may affect a learner’s welfare, such as physical, learning, social/emotional or HR needs, are logged along with actions in the additional needs database. This is managed by the IE. Learners have the chance to disclose additional needs during application, on their orientation form, to their Coach, or to the Apprentice Support team directly. Where learners disclose needs, the Apprentice Support team or the Coach will follow up with further questions, discuss reasonable adjustments, and where appropriate signpost Apprentices to relevant internal or external resources. All actions are logged.


Candidates (those who are applying to become a Multiverse Apprentice) who are identified as possibly at risk to themselves or others, or who may be agitated, distressed or anxious are referred to the DSL team via the disclosure form.  Multiverse encourages candidates to disclose any particular need(s) or condition(s) at the earliest opportunity, in order to allow us to support and guide them on their individual study and personal safety requirements.  All Candidates are required to complete an induction form prior to enrolment where they are given the opportunity to disclose any need or condition they would like Multiverse to be aware of.  This information is then picked by our Interventions Executive who contacts the Apprentice to discuss any support needed.  This information is added to an ALN tracker and shared in line with our confidentiality process with the designated coach.

Risk management

All concerns, disclosures and resulting actions are clearly documented on the Apprentice Tracker and is only shared with those to whom it is relevant.  All information is kept in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations.


The Multiverse Prevent Policy is clearly in place to ensure our learners are safeguarded against any kind of radicalisation or risk of being drawn into extremism.  Any and all concerns are to be reported to the DSL via the disclosure form.  The policy is in line with the Government’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST), which aims to reduce the threat of terrorism by preventing people from being drawn into radicalisation and extremism; Prevent is one part of the CONTEST strategy.


In the rare occurrence that Multiverse is faced with the death of a learner, all guidance will be taken from the Apprentice Support Team and the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

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