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Misuse of substances policy


Multiverse has a responsibility to uphold  the law. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires the provider to do  what is reasonable to protect the health and safety of staff, apprentices and  visitors. All apprentices have a legal responsibility to take care of their own  safety and that of others.

Multiverse aims to balance respect for the privacy and freedom of  individual apprentices with the imperatives of compliance with the law and  maintenance of a safe, productive and legal environment in the best  interests of its apprentices.

Misuse of substances:

  1. Is used here to describe the possession, possession with intent to  supply, use, trade, distribution, selling, offering for sale and purchase  of substances such as alcohol, controlled drugs, and psychoactive  substances, and the use of study drugs and other prescription drugs  that have not been legally obtained or used in a manner or for a  purpose other than as prescribed, that may adversely affects an apprentices health, work, study or social activity.
  2. Applies to apprentices on Multiverse premises or elsewhere on Multiverse business or study activities.


  1. In no way condones the misuse of substances and will balance  disciplinary action with appropriate support for apprentices who misuse them.
  2. Aims to facilitate the early identification of misuse and to encourage  apprentices to seek advice, help and assistance voluntarily before their  studies are adversely affected.
  3. Is committed to supporting apprentices through educational, counselling and disciplinary approaches.  

Multiverse reserves the right to amend any provision of this procedure subsequent to appropriate consultation.


Multiverse  recognises that the majority of apprentices are adults and are therefore legally entitled to consume alcohol.

Alcohol use is permitted on Multiverse premises with prior permission from a  member of the Operations Team and subject to the Licensing Act 2003.

Multiverse does not condone the excessive use of alcohol on its premises  and apprentices who are found to be behaving inappropriately under the  influence of alcohol may be subject to disciplinary action under the Apprentice Code of Conduct.

Controlled drugs

It is an offence under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 for the occupier of  premises or persons concerned in the management of premises to allow the  supply, use or production of drugs to take place on those premises.

The term ‘controlled drugs’ covers a wide range of substances, but the best  known are cannabis, cocaine, and heroin, together with the many derivatives or hybrids of these drugs.

Any person found on Multiverse premises who is not an apprentice and who is  found or suspected to be involved with illegal drugs will be subject to an immediate lifetime ban from Multiverse.

Any apprentice who invites someone on to Multiverse premises who is found or involved with controlled drugs may also be subject to  disciplinary action under the Code of Conduct.

Psychoactive Substances

The Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 made ‘legal highs’, which mimic the  effects of traditional drugs that are controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act  1971, illegal. Information on psychoactive substances can be found here.

Multiverse does not condone the use of any psychoactive substances on its  premises including laughing gas (NOS).

Study drugs

Multiverse does not condone the use of study drugs. A study drug in this  context refers to the use of substances or non-prescribed prescription  medications that are used for cognitive enhancement and endurance. These  may take the form of stimulants used to treat conditions such as narcolepsy  or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Duty of care

If an apprentice or member of staff is concerned about another apprentice’s welfare  they should encourage them to seek advice from the Safeguarding Team or their Coach. If this proves difficult, the person with that concerning information should seek advice themselves, in confidence, from the Safeguarding Team. If Multiverse feels it is necessary to intercept and involve either other  members of staff or external professionals, the individual providing the  information will remain anonymous.

All concerns or disclosures should be raised as soon as possible with the  Safeguarding Team, in a confidential and professional manner. Those raising a concern or  disclosure should provide evidence to illustrate their concern or disclosure.  The evidence may include reports about situations which have arisen, or  which show a decline in the Apprentices health and wellbeing, or there is a  belief that the Apprentice is at risk of harm to themselves or others.

Apprentices who contravene legislation may be subject to disciplinary action. Multiverse  may report incidents to the Police, which may result in criminal proceedings.  Disciplinary action may also have implications for an apprentices future at Multiverse, on future employment, and professional registration where  applicable.

Monitoring, review and evaluation

The Apprentice Support team shall report to Senior Leadership Team statistical information relating  to apprentice misuse of substance cases on an annual basis. It shall be the  responsibility of the Senior Leadership Team to monitor the data and make recommendations as appropriate.

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