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Starting a lucrative tech career as a software engineer with Multiverse - Malik’s Story

By Team Multiverse

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  1. Choosing a professional apprenticeship program
  2. Carving out a career in tech
  3. Looking to the future

As a recent high school graduate, Malik was debating where to go next with his career. In today’s job market, high school grads are finding it difficult to bag their first corporate role without a college degree. Read on to find out how Malik beat the career crossroad and started a promising tech job via a professional apprenticeship.

Choosing a professional apprenticeship program

Multiverse: “Hey Malik! Great to have you with us today. Could you kick off by telling us why you decided to pursue a professional apprenticeship program with Multiverse? What about it stood out to you?”

Malik: Multiverse’s apprenticeship program stood out to me for several reasons. What I found most compelling about the program was the level of support and guidance provided to apprentices. Unlike other programs that may leave apprentices to fend for themselves, Multiverse offers a comprehensive curriculum and a wealth of resources to help prepare apprentices for real-world business challenges.

Multiverse: Lots of apprentices mention the learning on-the-job style as one of their driving factors for pursuing an apprenticeship. What would you say has been the most valuable aspect of the applied learning style for you?

Malik: I have found applied learning to be incredibly valuable, especially when it comes to complex business logic. Whenever I encounter a challenging problem, I try to simplify it down to the fundamentals. This approach has helped me to stay focused and identify key concepts that are essential to solving the problem at hand. Once I have a solid understanding of the basics, I am able to apply them right away. This hands-on approach has been incredibly effective in helping me retain what I have learned and build upon it over time. I find that the more I apply what I have learned, the more confident I become in my abilities.

Multiverse: That's awesome. The Multiverse experience differs greatly from the traditional college route and other types of training. In your opinion, what are the benefits of a professional apprenticeship program compared to other training programs?

Malik: When it comes to professional development, I believe that apprenticeship programs like Multiverse offer a unique set of benefits compared to other training programs. One of the biggest advantages of an apprenticeship program is the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience in a live, yet safe environment. This allows apprentices to jump right into the action and get their hands dirty, which is the best way to learn in my opinion. On-the-job training is invaluable because it exposes apprentices to real-world business challenges and allows them to tackle intriguing problems. This type of experience cannot be replicated in a classroom setting or through traditional training programs.

Carving out a career in tech

Multiverse: We’d love to hear more about your technology course. What specific skills have you acquired throughout your apprenticeship? How have you applied those at work?

Malik: I learned how to communicate effectively with my colleagues and how to work collaboratively to achieve our goals. I also developed my time management and organizational skills, which have been essential in managing multiple tasks and deadlines. Problem solving is another key skill that I acquired during my apprenticeship. Through hands-on experience and guidance from my mentors, I learned how to approach complex problems and find effective solutions. I also learned how to think critically and analyze information to identify potential issues before they become major problems

Multiverse: Soft skills are so key for progressing in the tech industry! It looks like your manager agrees too.

“Malik’s commitment, collaborative spirit, and pursuit of growth makes him a valuable team member at BNSF. He is currently developing and supporting one of our critical rules engines that manages train compliance and safety. The on-the-job learning in the latest, modern technologies is allowing Malik to grow at a rapid pace. I’m excited about Malik’s future at BNSF!”- Christy Thomas, AVP of Technology Services, BNSF Rail

Multiverse: Talking of guidance from your mentors, tell us about your experience with your Multiverse coach?

Malik: The thing that I most value about my Multiverse Coach is their passion for teaching. Their enthusiasm for the subject matter has had a direct impact on my ability to learn. They were able to simplify complex topics in ways that were truly amazing. I believe that their passion for teaching made all the difference in my experience with the program.

"Watching my coach in action was inspiring. They had a knack for breaking down difficult concepts into manageable pieces and presenting them in a way that made perfect sense. I learned so much from them, not just about the subject matter, but also about how to be an effective teacher. In the future, I hope to be able to emulate my coach's passion and teaching style in my own career."

Multiverse: That’s amazing! Our Multiverse coaches really are superstars. Can you recall any superstar moments on your apprenticeship?

Malik: My apprenticeship program was filled with many proud moments, but there is one that stands out above the rest. The proudest moment of my apprenticeship program was when I received the notification that BNSF was interested in me. It was a life-changing opportunity, and I will forever be grateful to Multiverse for making it possible. In addition to the valuable professional opportunities, I also formed strong connections with my peers in the cohort. The relationships we formed and the support we provided to one another outside of regular hours were a highlight of my experience. These connections have continued to be a source of inspiration and motivation for me. Graduating with my cohort was another proud moment of my apprenticeship program. We had all worked hard and supported each other throughout the program, and it was gratifying to celebrate our achievements together.

Looking to the future

Multiverse: How has the program impacted your career going forward?

Malik: Before the program, I lacked a clear plan and direction for my career path. However, through the program, I have been able to establish clear objectives and goals for the outcomes I wish to achieve. With the help of my coach, we have outlined pathways to reach them, which has given me a sense of purpose and direction.
The accountability provided by my coach has been especially valuable to me. They have helped me to stay on track and make progress toward my goals. This has been crucial in keeping me motivated and focused on my career development. Overall, the Multiverse program has provided me with the support and guidance I needed to take my career to the next level. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in the program and for all the ways it has positively changed the trajectory of my career.

Multiverse: From your perspective as a Multiverse alumni, how do you see apprenticeship programs influencing the future of work?

Malik: As an apprentice, I see apprenticeship programs as having a significant influence on the future of work. The focus on real-world, hands-on experience is a key benefit of these programs. This approach bridges the skills gap, allowing apprentices to gain practical skills that are directly applicable to their chosen field. I believe apprenticeship programs will become increasingly popular in the coming years as more companies recognize the value this training brings.

Multiverse: Fantastic insight Malik, thanks for sharing. To finish off, could you sum up how your apprenticeship has impacted your life as a whole?

Malik: After being given the opportunity to participate in Multiverse’s apprenticeship program, I was filled with gratitude and appreciation. This experience has had a profound impact on my life, both personally and professionally. Multiverse has provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in software engineering, and has also given me a sense of purpose and a desire to give back to others. Through the mentorship and hands-on training I received, I have been able to gain valuable insights and experiences that I now wish to share with others.

Multiverse: We’re so pleased to hear you’ve had such a positive experience, thank you Malik!

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Team Multiverse

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By Team Multiverse

13 November 2023

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