It’s time for our workforces to reflect our society. Let’s make it happen.

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. At Multiverse, we're creating a diverse group of future leaders by building an outstanding alternative to college and corporate training.

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Our commitment

Absolutely everybody deserves to find their own path to a life of learning and a top career. That applies to Multiverse’s own people as much as the apprentices we support.

As we build a better system, we commit to making sure diversity, equity and inclusion are driving forces in all we do – from the design and delivery of our programs, to our recruitment, to our culture, to our learning and development.

What do we mean by diversity, equity and inclusion?


Diversity includes the full spectrum of human difference and is about ensuring organizations are representative of the communities they serve.


Equity is about providing individuals with fair access to opportunities and resources by meeting their needs and counteracting systemic barriers.


Inclusion is the feeling of belonging within the workplace, creating a culture where individuals feel valued, respected and encouraged to fully participate.

Our Apprentice Community

To build the diverse, equitable and inclusive workforces of the future, we believe there are three key areas organizations must focus on: Recruitment, Development and Culture.

Our Vision

We are breaking down an old system – and building a better one. To do that, we are committed to leading the way in inclusive hiring and making sure everybody has the pathway to success that they deserve.


We're committed to widening access to apprenticeships for individuals currently underrepresented in the sectors we work with. When recruiting apprentices to place with our clients, we have a dedicated Community Outreach Team building partnerships with schools, charities and youth groups to reach exceptional talent. On top of this, our platform includes features that help employers better understand achievements in context – helping to level the playing field.

When partnering with clients to upskill existing employees, we work closely to support them to reach individuals within their organizations who may be underrepresented in certain areas of the business, for example, supporting women to develop the data science skills to progress into technical roles.


As part of the Multiverse applied learning model, each apprentice has their own dedicated coach and tailored 1:1 sessions. Our Apprentice Support Team also provides learning strategies, exam adjustments and referrals to mental health support as required.

Our Community Team puts promoting equity at the front and centre of community activity. We know that not everyone will have access to mentorship through their personal networks, so we're delighted to offer Multiverse apprentices both a mentoring program delivered by industry professionals and a buddying scheme. Our latest community program, Elevate, empowers apprentices to develop their public speaking, influencing and leadership skills – all vital tools for career progression.

Finally, our People Leadership apprenticeship has inclusive management and leadership skills embedded throughout the curriculum. This is something we know is key for any successful leader. It also enables our People Leadership apprentices to build inclusive teams and environments within their workplaces, and advocate for DEI in organizations across the UK & US.


Community is a core pillar of the Multiverse experience. It's how our apprentices create a powerful network of peers. Through inspiring and thought-provoking events and content, our community amplifies a diversity of voices. These include activities led by our Women's and Multicultural Networks.

We also welcome amazing guest speakers like author and activist for the Trans community, Charlie Craggs, TV broadcaster, presenter and BBC Director of Creative Diversity, June Sarpong and Paralympian, Amy Marren. These events celebrate difference, build an inclusive environment and support apprentices to develop personally and professionally.


  • Women 54%
  • Men 46%

Apprentices placed by Multiverse in 2020

  • Women 55%
  • Men 45%

Existing employee apprentices at Multiverse in 2020


  • Asian 19%
  • Black 25%
  • White 38%
  • Multiple ethnicity 8%
  • Other 4%
  • Unknown 6%

Apprentices placed by Multiverse in 2020

  • Asian 13%
  • Black 8%
  • White 66%
  • Multiple ethnicity 5%
  • Other 1%
  • Unknown 6%

Existing employee apprentices at Multiverse in 2020

Apprentices who are disabled or have additional support needs

  • Yes 22%
  • No 78%

Apprentices placed by Multiverse in 2020

  • Yes 11%
  • No 89%

Existing employee apprentices in 2020

Indicators of socio-economic disadvantage

  • Apprentice meets 1 or more indicators of socio-economic disadvantage 34%
  • Apprentice meets no indicators of socio-economic disadvantage 67%

Apprentices placed by Multiverse in 2020

  • Apprentice meets 1 or more indicators of socio-economic disadvantage 21%
  • Apprentice meets no indicators of socio-economic disadvantage 79%

Existing employee apprentices in 2020

Our Workforce

We want to be a leader in DEI, so we're creating the change we want to see in the world, inside Multiverse.

Our Vision

As we approach 300 employees, we're putting DEI at the centre of our rapid growth. This means building a diverse workforce at all levels of our organization – and creating a working environment where everyone can thrive.


Gender diversity has been a long-term challenge for the tech world. We're incredibly proud that 56% of our colleagues identify as women, including 73% at director level or above. We're also proud of our thriving LGBTQQIAAP community, comprising 12% of our team.

We're committed to improving the diversity of our workforce, at all levels. Currently, colleagues from ethnic minority backgrounds represent 27% of junior team members, 23% of middle and senior management, but 6% of director level or above. We also have work to do to improve the representation of colleagues who are disabled – and to support colleagues to share this information with us.

Everything we do in this space is undertaken with the goal of being representative of the geographies in which we operate – and our apprentice community. To help us on our journey, we've introduced a robust diversity data monitoring process with tailored action plans for each team.

We also continue to invest in our in-house apprenticeship scheme – something we know is a fantastic route into our organization for exceptional talent from a diversity of backgrounds. So far, 9% of staff have joined us via our apprenticeships. In addition, we've developed our first Sales Academy and launched new partnerships with the Black Young Professionals Network (BYP) and TechTree.


All Multiverse staff receive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training from the point of induction with regular sessions throughout the employee lifecycle, including Building Diverse Teams and Disrupting Bias in Performance Management workshops for all managers. Additionally, our Leadership Team took part in a 3-month reverse mentoring program where each leader was paired with an apprentice mentor from an underrepresented background to gain an understanding of their experiences as a minority within the workplace.

Through our annual cultural calendar, we have regular opportunities to educate ourselves on a range of topics including themed book clubs, panel events and training webinars ranging from Inclusive Design on Global Accessibility Awareness Day to Talking About Race, led by different champions across the business. Like with our applied learning model, we believe regular reflection, implementation and continuous improvement is crucial to creating an inclusive environment where all staff and learners can thrive.


At Multiverse, DEI is underpinned by both our social mission and our values. Each week, our staff nominate a Values Champ and they're celebrated in our weekly full-team meeting.

All principles that apply to our community, apply to our staff as well. We celebrate difference, embrace the diversity of our colleagues, and enjoy learning from one another. Our annual calendar of cultural events includes lots of moments for our staff to come together to connect, learn and celebrate.

Finally, each team at Multiverse has a DEI Champion. Their role is to work within their team to embed inclusion into everyday practices, listen to their colleagues, and share ideas and feedback to our DEI Steering Group.

Multiverse Team Diversity

  • Women 56%
  • Men 40%
  • Non-binary+ 1%
  • Unknown 3%


  • Asian 10%
  • Black 5%
  • White 63%
  • Multiple ethnicity 6%
  • Other 2%
  • Unknown 13%


  • Yes 6%
  • No 73%
  • Unknown 21%

Individuals who are disabled

Working collaboratively to achieve positive social change