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Providing equitable access to economic opportunity, for everyone

We’re embedding fairness at the heart of the workforce model, both within and outside of Multiverse.

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Our commitment

"We’re committed to supporting our apprentices, customers and employees to achieve their full potential.

For our apprentices, we’re identifying individuals with potential, both in and outside of companies who are often overlooked, and providing them with training in future-focused skills.

For our customers, we’re a strategic workforce partner - providing a cohesive, equitable solution across skills, talent, and culture.

For our employees, we’re building a culture of belonging where people from all backgrounds have equitable opportunities for growth, advancement, and success.

But this commitment is not without its challenges. Creating more equitable access and outcomes will be a long-term and hard-fought journey.  With continuous focus and commitment, we can build a more inclusive Multiverse and forge a better future for the workforce."

Euan Blair, CEO

Euan Blair

Our apprentices

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We know that future-focused jobs are the fastest way to economic opportunity. So we’ve built a new kind of apprenticeship that combines work and learning, both for those looking to enter the workforce and those already in it.

In our 2024 Impact Report, we share the impact that our apprenticeships are having on talented individuals and the organisations they work for. We’ll take you through what we’re doing to break the expensive barrier between education and employment that’s currently holding people and companies back.

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Our workforce


Providing equitable access to economic opportunity - for Multiversers

Areas to celebrate

We’ve been committed to creating an equitable and inclusive workplace since we were founded in 2016. During this time, we have focused on three key areas:


We’re proud to have a diverse and representative workforce, which we have achieved through our focus on attracting and sourcing diverse talent at the top of our hiring funnel. See employee data.


We’ve achieved consistent promotion rates amongst ethnicities and genders, our gender pay gap is below industry norms, we’ve made leaps forward on transparent pay practices, and we’ve launched an internal leadership accelerator for people from backgrounds currently underrepresented in our leadership team.

Inclusive environment

We’ve launched Employee Resource Groups - including Black @ Multiverse, LGBTQ+ @ Multiverse and People with Disabilities @ Multiverse - we run regular DEI events for our employees, and we’ve partnered with several organisations - including Tech Talent Charter, BYP and Flexa - to work collaboratively towards positive social change.

Sharing our employee data

  • Woman 52.8%
  • Man 43%
  • Did not disclose 2.8%
  • Non-binary+ 1.3%
  • White 68.3%
  • Asian 13%
  • Black 10.9%
  • Mixed Ethnicity 5.8%
  • Other 2.1%


Our global ethnicity representation overall at Multiverse is strong with 32% identifying as from underrepresented ethnicities. This translates to 31.7% in the UK, and 47% in the US. This surpasses averages of 25% in UK tech(opens new window) and 38% in US tech(opens new window). Specifically, 11% of our employees are Black, compared with 5% in UK tech(opens new window) and 7% in US tech(opens new window).


We’re proud that 12% of our employees identify as LGBTQ+, and we will continue to support this community with inclusive policies, healthcare benefits, and our LGBTQ+ ERG. A comparative data set for sexuality was unavailable.

  • Bisexual 4.4%
  • Did not disclose 15.2%
  • Gay 3.5%
  • Heterosexual 67.2%
  • Lesbian 2%
  • Other 2.3%
  • Prefer not to say 4%
  • Does not identify as disabled 51.8%
  • Did not disclose 44.9%
  • Identifies as disabled 3.3%

Disability & Neurodivergence

Around 3% of our workforce identifies as having a disability (physical, mental health, or learning-related), below the average of 6% in UK tech(opens new window). However, 45% of our employees did not disclose this information, which we believe is due to the way we currently collect our data which we are actively reviewing.

Separately, 8% of our employees identify as neurodivergent, above the average of 3% in UK tech(opens new window).


Our strategy going forward

Diversity is the result of equity and inclusion efforts. That’s why we’re creating a career mobility strategy with equity at its core. If we get this right, we’ll build a culture where people from all backgrounds have equitable opportunities for growth, advancement, and success.


We will reach underrepresented talent at the top of the hiring funnel and asses talent fairly throughout our recruiting processes. We’ll achieve this by analysing our internal qualitative and quantitative data to understand where to focus our attraction and sourcing efforts. Additionally, we’ve introduced a new hiring framework and interviewer training, designed to achieve consistent and equitable hiring outcomes. Importantly, we will always hire the best person for a role regardless of background.

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We will implement the infrastructure required to enable equitable career mobility. We’ll do this by building robust People processes and structures around performance management, internal career development, specialist coaching, mentorship and more. By integrating equity into every aspect of our career mobility strategy, we’ll create better outcomes for everyone.


We will provide transparency and build an increased sense of belonging and inclusion at Multiverse. Our approach will rely on the latest internal and external research to identify the most effective workplace and community initiatives to build an environment where everyone can thrive and bring their whole selves to work. Our company values are non-negotiable and will be crucial in creating our inclusive culture.

Learn more about DEI at Multiverse

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Introducing our new LGBTQ+ @ Multiverse ERG Chair

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