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What is a professional apprenticeship?

Applied learning

12+ months learning on the job in relevant, in-demand skills

Earn while you learn

Fully employed from day one and free to the individual

Reskill at any age

No college degree required, build skills at any stage of your career

Learn on the job with no extra cost to you

Apply what you learn

When knowledge isn’t used, it’s quickly forgotten.

Learning with Multiverse means testing out new skills in your role every day. Then refining and building on them, through practice and discussion with other learners.

The result? You retain information better and progress faster.

Build the most valuable skills

Put yourself at the front of the pack, with the skills that will define the jobs of tomorrow. Skills like data analysis, coding, and digital marketing.

That way you won't just be watching the future unfold—you’ll be at the forefront of the change.

Join a global community

As a Multiverse apprentice you're part of a diverse community of learners, all building skills together while making new connections.

You also get 1-to-1 support from your coach—an industry expert who cares deeply about seeing you progress.

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Focused learning that connects with your role


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World class coaching


Complete our programs

Data Fellowship

15 months

With ever more data at their fingertips, organizations need people who can tell the stories it holds. During our Data Fellowship, apprentices become confident analysts, able to turn raw data into meaningful insights that organizations can act on.

Software Engineering

15 months

Apprentices develop their skills across the complete software development lifecycle. In doing so, they become confident junior software engineers—able to design, develop, and secure accessible, full-stack applications. In addition to coding, apprentices build the broader skills of a developer—including problem solving, a second language, and communicating in a team.

Digital Marketing

13 months

Marketing principles have changed little in 50 years, yet the methods are quickly evolving beyond recognition. Apprentices will finish this wide-ranging program confident and capable of taking their digital marketing career in any direction.

People Leadership

15 months

The future of work is exciting, but its complexity calls for a new skillset to bring teams together and achieve big impact. With learning content delivered through a blended MindGym and Multiverse curriculum, this program supports new managers as they develop into the skilled leaders of tomorrow.

Project Management

15 months

Projects are growing in complexity, while teams become increasingly diverse. With Multiverse, apprentices develop the tools and the mindset to navigate change—and deliver amazing results for their organizations. They learn the differences between project methodologies and when to call on each approach. They also develop core knowledge and skills, including project planning, quality management, governance, risk management, and how to lead a project team.

With you every step of the way

Our apprenticeships let you build your expertise and confidence, hand in hand. It’s the springboard for a lifetime of learning – and a career of success.

George Milton Mason

“I love being a coach because it exposes me to the journey of profound growth. I’m a cog in the wheel of many remarkable individuals lives and to witness their development is incredible.”

George Milton Mason

Project Management Coach

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Join a global community

Meet people.
Build skills.
Open doors.

Join a global community of forward-thinkers, full of opportunities. From inspiring events, content and speakers, to development programs and networking.

Opportunities for a lifetime

We place apprentices in thousands of companies of all sizes and industries

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I have always had an interest in developing my technical skills, the apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to improve my analysis while learning how to make data tell a story

Melanie, Data Fellowship Apprentice

My apprenticeship with Multiverse has been one of the best things to happen to me since I dropped out of sixth form. It's immeasurably increased my self-worth and confidence and proved that you can achieve success no matter what obstacles you face.

Nicole, Digital Marketing Apprentice

After starting this course and speaking to my manager, I feel much more confident and satisfied in my role at Fujitsu. It shows me that Fujitsu invests in my career development.

Waleed, Data Fellowship Apprentice

I had little technical experience as well as a case of imposter syndrome. I overcame these barriers through a coding bootcamp, mentoring program and series of inspirational tech talks organised by Multiverse.

Fatima, Software Engineering Apprentice

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