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Life at Multiverse

Career Mobility @ Multiverse: The Multiverse Leadership Accelerator Programme

By Team Multiverse

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What is MVLA?

The Multiverse Leadership Accelerator (MVLA) is a 12-month leadership programme, sponsored by our Founder & CEO Euan, that offers mentorship, sponsorship and coaching to employees on their leadership journey at Multiverse. To be eligible for the programme, employees must meet certain demographic criteria, so that we are developing employees from backgrounds currently underrepresented within our leadership team.

The MVLA was built as part of our strategic approach to creating a more diverse senior leadership team. This initiative is a testament to our belief in the power of diversity to drive innovation, creativity, and success. MVLA fits into our Career mobility strategy as a “Grow” initiative; implementing the infrastructure to foster career mobility.

The story so far:

Now 2 cohorts in, the programme has already begun to yield tangible results. Results that have not only transformed participants' professional trajectories but have also enhanced Multiverse’s culture.

So far we’ve seen:

  • Progression: Promotion rates above the company average
  • Retention: Attrition rate lower than company average
  • Satisfaction: High programme satisfaction scores

Participants have spoken to the power of group coaching, applied learning opportunities, and one-on-one mentoring offered throughout the programme as game changers to their careers, unlocking insight, enhanced skills and added confidence; skills that participants are now passing onto their direct reports and peers.

More than just a programme:

This success is only the beginning. As we continue to support and develop underrepresented individuals through MVLA, we look forward to sharing more successes, more breakthroughs, and more impact. The MVLA is not just about creating leaders; it's about redefining what leadership looks like and ensuring that the path to the top is open to all.

We're inspired by the progress and eager to see what the future holds for MVLA and our other career mobility initiatives planned for FY25.

If you're inspired by our commitment to growth and diversity and wish to be a part of a company that invests genuinely in its people, we would love to have you on board. See open roles(opens new window).

Team Multiverse

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