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Life at Multiverse

Empowering our employees: Volunteer days at Multiverse

By Team Multiverse

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We know that not everyone starts on an even playing field, and equality of opportunity is at the core of our mission and company values. One of the ways that we live up to this value is by empowering our employees to volunteer for social causes that are meaningful to them.

As part of our employee benefits program, every Multiverser receives two paid volunteering days per year on top of their holiday leave allowance. Through this benefit, we’re enabling our team to make a positive contribution to society, and fostering personal growth.

Here are some of the things Multiversers get up to on their volunteering days:

“On my Multiverse volunteer days this year, I engaged in outreach work, inspiring young children to explore creative coding from an early age. I firmly believe in fostering creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and an appreciation for technology in our digital world. The joy on the faces of 5-6-year-olds as they successfully delved into coding was remarkably rewarding. This experience not only allowed me to contribute to the local community but also underscored the significance of nurturing these skills for a brighter and more innovative future.”

“Since joining Multiverse in 2021, I have used my volunteer days to serve as a panellist at International Women's Day events where I speak about my experiences as a female scientist while pursuing my PhD. I also highlight that with a growth mindset, how people can pivot to new careers, such as being a Data Coach at Multiverse!

“Unfortunately, I experienced some unpleasantries during my PhD as a woman of colour. Serving on these panels is important to me as the cause — breaking biases and empowering women — is one that is very close to my heart. After all, what does a scientist look like? I say it can look like anyone.”

“This year I took part in two volunteering days that were both career days in schools, at my old sixth form speaking to the Year 10 and Year 12 students about the power of apprenticeships and alternative routes to university. As well as the kids engaging with the Multiverse apprenticeship model, I think it was a great opportunity to meet someone who was in their shoes not so long ago, undecided about going to university.

“I feel strongly about this because back when I was in sixth form, there was so much pressure to apply to university, and if you didn’t, it seemed like you had failed. However, giving students the opportunity to understand that there’s more to life than the university pathway is something I’m passionate about; the alternative routes to learning and a career are endless, you just need to find what works for you.”

“I am a lifelong stutterer, and earlier this year a local stuttering advocate invited me to speak at a press conference at the California State Capitol in support of a resolution in the assembly to recognize stuttering awareness week.

“This was deeply meaningful for me to participate in. Growing up, I never thought I would be able to speak at press conferences, because I was embarrassed about my stutter. My interest in education actually started because of teachers earlier in my life who pushed me beyond the fear and stigma, helping me learn how to use my voice. I am grateful Multiverse supported me in pursuing this special opportunity.”

By offering all our employees volunteer days, we ensure that every Multiverser's personal values, and their desire to positively contribute to society, are recognized, supported, and celebrated as part of our company culture.

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Team Multiverse

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By Team Multiverse

18 May 2023

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