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Introducing our new visual identity

By Team Multiverse

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Last month Multiverse celebrated its 8th birthday. It was a milestone event that gave us time to pause, with cake in hand, and reflect on our epic growth journey to date.

We’re already a way into the Multiverse story, and today we turn the page to an exciting new chapter. But, before you make an assumption based on the blog title, this isn’t the chapter that’s all pictures and no words.

Today we’re unveiling an update to our brand. We’re not changing our name, we’re still Multiverse - just with a refreshed visual identity and a renewed vigour to provide equitable access to economic opportunity, for everyone.

We could spend hours walking you through what’s changed, but if a picture paints a thousand words then we’re confident this video will do the talking.

Design lovers, this section is for you.

Our in-house creative team started this project to create a distinct and robust, yet easy-to-use design system that could flex across the entire Multiverse ecosystem. By collaborating with our learning and product teams (and supported by some talented design friends(opens new window)) the output will help us better communicate with our apprentices, our business partners and all our stakeholders.

Our new design system has been built around some of our signature brand elements and you’ll see this is simply an evolution, not a revolution.

Whilst our logo remains the same, we’ve dialled up the use of our signature (Ultraviolet) introduced a more accessible colour palette, streamlined our typography and doubled down on what makes us unique.

We’ve also introduced a playful illustration style to reflect the diversity and creativity of the team that makes Multiverse so unique. We live and breathe our values and don’t see the need to take ourselves too seriously.

What you see today is a look through the keyhole of how our brand and digital ecosystem will evolve over the coming years. We want you to come on this journey with us as we build a learning platform that’s led by people, powered by data and supercharged by tech.

Today, we’re setting a new course for our brand, for Multiverse and for work in general. If you’re inspired by what you’ve just read and what we’re building, take a look at some of our open roles(opens new window).

Team Multiverse

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