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Multiverse releases 2023 Impact Report

By Team Multiverse

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  1. Introducing our 2023 Impact Report
  2. Read the full report

Our mission is to create a diverse group of future leaders.

To achieve it, we're creating professional apprenticeships that offer a better pathway to growth for both individuals and companies. A pathway that’s centred around the transformative power of real work experience.

This pathway is transforming lives and careers for apprentices. And these apprenticeships are having a real impact on the organizations that they serve.

Introducing our 2023 Impact Report

Our inaugural Impact Report shows that real world impact, and tells the story of our 10,000-strong apprentice community.

For those at the start of their career, we’re building an outstanding alternative to college, driving representation and opening doors for people of all backgrounds. We're recruiting apprentices based on their potential, not the grades they got in school.

  • In the US, 86% of our current early-career apprentices identify as BIPOC. 56% of our early-career apprentices have at least one indicator of socio-economic disadvantage
  • In the UK, 65% of our current early-career apprentices are from Black, Asian or multiple ethnicity backgrounds. Over a third of our early-career apprentices came to us having been on free school meals at some point during their time at school

For those apprentices that are further on in their career, at the world's largest companies, we're supporting them to transition into new roles or enhance their existing one through skills development.

Whoever they are, all of our apprentices see real career development. That's because we're teaching people on the job, with expert coaches, on actual projects. Active, in-context, applied learning is the best way to set up our apprentices for success.

  • Over a third of our apprentices saw a salary increase between starting and finishing their apprenticeship
  • 93% of apprentices remain at their company post apprenticeship
  • After they finish their apprenticeship, 69% of apprentices gain new job responsibilities

For the businesses we work with, we're developing in-demand skills for the digital, data and tech roles of the future; tailored to what they need today and in the future. It's training that brings with it real value.

  • Our apprentices report a 50% decrease in time spent unproductively, saving participants the equivalent of nearly 6 working weeks of time over the course of a year.
  • Across all programs we have so far tracked over $669m in cost-saving or revenue-generating activities resulting from the work of our apprentices.

Read the full report

We know that apprenticeships are the key to unlocking some of the biggest challenges society faces today. That's why we're working so hard to change what it means to be an apprentice.

To see how we’re transforming the world of work, read our Impact Report in full here.

Team Multiverse

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By Team Multiverse

17 February 2023

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