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Our new degree apprenticeship: transforming junior developers into advanced software engineers

By Team Multiverse

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  1. Advanced Software Engineering at Multiverse
  2. Unlocking high-quality careers and business transformation
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Introducing Advanced Software Engineering, our new upskilling degree apprenticeship for software engineering teams.

The demand for highly skilled software engineers is skyrocketing. There are over 113,000 software engineering professionals in the UK, who need to keep their knowledge up-to-date with the latest emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

Companies are crying out for these advanced skillsets, that can help them reap the benefits of new technologies – and there’s an opportunity for individuals who can learn them to access these jobs.

Our original software engineering apprenticeship has helped those at the start of their career to learn the foundational skills to start coding and access well-paid careers at companies like Vodafone and Sky.

Now, we’re bridging the gap between entry-level coding and advanced skills – and creating a route to the best jobs with our latest degree-level programme.

Advanced Software Engineering at Multiverse

Delivered over 2 years, the Advanced Software Engineering programme heightens the knowledge of software engineering and broadens skill sets. Apprentices learn how to drive complex advanced projects in the field of software engineering including cyber security, machine learning and working with the cloud.

The programme includes live coaching, asynchronous learning, and on-the-job learning. Upon completion, apprentices will gain a Multiverse Degree: a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honors) in Digital and Technology Solutions (Software Engineer).

The first cohort will launch later this year.

Unlocking high-quality careers and business transformation

For individuals, this programme is the key to unlock the best-paid, most prestigious software engineering jobs at companies across industries and across the country. UK workers with advanced digital skills (such as cloud architecture, software development and machine learning) earn 30% more than those with no digital skills.(opens new window)

For companies, upskilling software engineering teams will be key to harnessing the technical innovations that will drive forward their ambitions. Companies and business leaders know that they need to keep investing in technology and improving their products, services, and internal operations in order to remain competitive. But in many cases, too few of the existing employees have the necessary skills required to take advantage of the opportunities presented by AI and other emerging technologies.

But hiring is expensive, and slow. Recruiting a software engineer(opens new window) takes 42 days, and upskilling existing employees is estimated to save businesses as much as £36,000 per employee(opens new window) compared to hiring from outside. Our new programme takes existing talent within an organisation and upskills them to fill in-demand mid-senior level roles.

Our Advanced Software Engineering programme will unlock potential. It will enable individuals to reach high-quality, high-paid jobs in software engineering, while enabling companies to reach their digital transformation objectives by upskilling their teams. And it creates another debt-free route to world-class education and careers.

Transform teams with Multiverse

Want to learn more about how to future-proof your workforce? Explore our upskilling solutions for software engineering teams or get in touch.

Team Multiverse

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13 March 2024

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