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How much do web developers make? A salary guide

By Team Multiverse

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  1. How much do web developers make in 2022?
  2. What’s the average web developer salary by state?
  3. Top highest paying cities for web developers
  4. Average web developer salary by job title
  5. Top paying developer jobs in 2022

If you’re feeling stuck in your current career path or you’re not seeking the traditional college experience, learning web development can open the door to a multitude of creative and lucrative employment opportunities. Job satisfaction is always a high priority, but so is compensation. If you’re considering becoming a developer, one of the first questions is: How much do web developers make?

From the front-end to the back-end and everything in between, making the big bucks with software development comes down to a few qualities:

  • Having in-demand skills
  • Continuously learning new programming protocols
  • Being flexible to relocation opportunities

How much a web developer makes varies depending on factors like years of experience and programming expertise. However, we can look at benchmarks like the average web developer salary as a starting point.

How much do web developers make in 2022?

According to Indeed, the average base salary for a web developer in 2022 comes out to $78,346. With the low end sitting at just under $50,000 and the peak salary at just over $127,000, there’s room for growth across a wide range.

These types of salary data are often lower than reality though because they don’t include factors like location, experience, and expertise. In other words, you can consider the lowest estimate.

Many factors go into the compensation consideration. However, once you’ve built out an in-demand tech stack, you’ll have the leverage to bargain for even higher pay.

What’s the average web developer salary by state?

Because the cost of living changes by location, so does salary. However, the growth of remote work in the last few years has made it possible to work for a company in one state and live in another.

Developers with the right skills and abilities can command a higher salary and work from anywhere.

Remote work considerations

While working from home is more common than five years ago, many top-tier organizations still have the majority of development done on-site. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these organizations won’t allow remote work. Companies might ask you to complete a few on-site tasks before extending the offer to work from home.

Some web developers may prefer to work from home. However, junior developers may find more educational and networking opportunities when working in an office environment. Developers should also consider the fringe benefits that come with working on-site every day. Ultimately, it’s your choice how you view your work life. Both options present pros and cons to a new developer.

Developers who have the option to relocate can find great jobs in states not traditionally thought of as tech hubs. From retail logistics in Utah to military defense in Virginia, these states need talented programmers and are willing to pay top dollar to attract the best talent.

Top highest paying cities for web developers

If you’re the type that loves the hustle and grind of a big city, you’ll have no trouble finding a new job somewhere in the United States.

Due to the abundance of opportunities, developers with in-demand skills can choose a location first and then find a job once they’ve established their new residency.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a move to that city of your dreams, simply starting your education in a field like software engineering or web development gives you the power to make it a reality. Most companies will take a chance on a junior developer if you've got the command line basics down. Once you’re hired and on the job, they’ll get you up to speed.

Alternatively, you can do on-the-job training while learning with a model like Multiverse’s apprenticeship programs.

Average web developer salary by job title

Web development is much more than simply writing lines of code and testing apps. It’s a career path that will challenge you. It can require you to educate yourself and elevate your skills every single day continuously.

Depending on the scope and industry of your choosing, you’ll have the chance to work through new challenges and level up into more senior positions.

From complex algorithmic thinking to simply fixing bugs, working as a professional web developer also requires various skills.

For example, you may need to learn and use React. Built with JavaScript and extremely user-friendly, React helps power the entire Internet. Perfect for beginners yet powerful enough for seasoned professionals, React stacks well with various tech offerings.

Full-stack developers should know how to design a front-end, build a back-end, debug code, and deploy apps to production. Additional skills like GraphQL, Kubernetes, Docker, and SQL unlock even greater opportunities.

Top paying developer jobs in 2022

Web developer salary changes depending on your title and capabilities, but you can earn more with specific areas of expertise. Let’s take a look at the chart below.

Bonus skills means bonus pay

If you’re currently working in another digital industry such as graphic design, media creation, or IT/Networking, you’ll be able to put those skills to work as a web developer as well.

Junior developers who start with design or programming skills will find that the transition into a high-paying web development career comes with ease. As the trend of no-code and low-code development continues to grow, having a solid understanding of baseline concepts will greatly increase your starting pay and allow you to work more efficiently with your dev team.

Take cost of living into consideration

Location also plays a big role in determining salary levels. A six-figure salary in San Francisco is vastly different compared to the same wage in a state like Kansas. The West Coast is home to some legendary tech opportunities. Yet, the high cost of living leaves little leftover to save or invest for some junior developers.

Those worries tend to disappear if you can make it past the first round and upgrade your skills. Ultimately, where you choose to live as a developer comes down to the type of lifestyle that interests you the most. You’ll earn freedom and financial peace of mind with the right tech stack.

More languages, more skills, more opportunity

Web development goes far beyond the scope of simple landing pages and flashy sign-up forms. From big data management with SQL to complex connectivity with Python, web developers who consistently learn new languages and develop specialized skills will find opportunities for promotions inside and outside their current organization. For example, the average salary for Web Development Specialists comes in at around $106,000 per year!

Developers interested in becoming specialists should explore all aspects of modern web development and find a niche that suits their personality or career goals. Artistic and creative developers may choose to master CSS or learn 3D design for metaverse development. On the other hand, data-driven programmers can dive deep into backend functionality with Node.js.

Developers should strive to learn the basics of the command line and simple IP protocol concepts. Understanding the inner workings of how the Internet functions help bolster secure development and threat management.

Regardless of your career path, becoming a well-known master of your craft is the key to moving up the ranks in the tech world. If you’re asking how much do web developers make, the answer can depend on how good someone is at their craft.

Dedication pays off

Whether you become a jack-of-all-trades or a specialist, time spent learning and coding solo projects will lead you into the next chapter of your development career.

Some employers like to see candidates working a set amount of time on certain skills. If you pass all the tests and nail the interview, you’ll most likely get the job. Let your portfolio grow over time, and you’ll be able to showcase all of the accomplishments that you’ve made during your web development career.

The world of software engineering, web development, and other programming careers is full of creative and critical thinkers. Learning with Multiverse could be your golden ticket to a high-paying and highly enjoyable career if you've felt bored by traditional schooling or dead-end service jobs.

Multiverse allows you to both build in-demand skills and earn while you learn. Think of it as a professional apprenticeship, with learning and on-the-job training.

It’s super easy to get started; simply apply for the Multiverse program(opens new window). Learn how students can learn debt-free alongside a global community. With many different career and educational paths to choose from, you can jump-start your career quicker than you might think.

Team Multiverse

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