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Evolving Multiverse’s Sales Team

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Multiverse’s Chief Revenue Officer, Alex Varel, has spent his first six months spearheading transformative changes within the Sales and Go-To-Market teams. With a keen focus on evolving the team's culture and expanding Multiverse's global reach, Alex's leadership and commitment to excellence have set the stage for an exciting future. We spoke to Alex about what’s in store for 2024 and why Sales professionals looking to supercharge their careers should join Multiverse.

What is your playbook for success?

The team matters more than anything to me, and surrounding ourselves with incredibly talented people is the key to success. It all comes down to recruiting the right people, developing those folks and then executing with excellence, both at the individual level and as a team.

What’s your leadership style?

I’ll address style but first I want to call out that I’ve been fortunate to work under some of the greatest sales leaders out there and I’ve learned a huge amount from them. I’ve taken elements of their approach that work really well, and reflected on what I would do differently - adaptability is critical for my leadership approach.

My experience extends itself to our team in two ways: first, my number one priority is to coach and support the team so that individuals can be wildly successful in their jobs at Multiverse. It’s a supportive, collaborative style that carries trust.  When you’re with a group of winners, like we are, this collaborative style is the best approach. Second, I want our team members to develop here at Multiverse in a way that “future-proofs” their careers. This means they become so great at their profession at Multiverse, that they command their ideal opportunities in the future.

So a big part of my leadership style is to approach situations and people with empathy, carrying a coaching mindset, while ensuring an enjoyable environment - my sense of humor, for better or worse, comes out often! With this mindset, I find I’m far more likely to unlock potential in the people and ideas around me.

Why did you join Multiverse?

I’ve been part of some very special journeys at the likes of Udacity, MongoDB, and Zscaler and what all of those companies had in common was the caliber of the team around me, and the opportunity to solve critical problems for some of the biggest organizations in the world.

At Multiverse, we have an incredible team, a huge market opportunity and we have a mission that matters. We are transforming lives in our ability to upskill and reskill talent, and we’re providing equitable access to economic opportunity, for everyone. There are not many places where you can have such a meaningful and powerful impact that serves both your professional and personal why.

Tell us about the culture at Multiverse

Reflecting on my first 6 months as CRO, it’s clear that we have a lot to celebrate in our culture. We have an environment where folks can learn and develop their careers faster than anywhere. We have a big commercial opportunity, we’re serving a mission-critical market and we’ve got some of the best sales talent in the market. Our teams work together and take pride in getting better every day - the proof is in our sales productivity and growth rates.

While all of those circumstances are fortunate, my priority is to enhance our culture further. Our culture of excellence isn’t changing, but it’s really important to me that we have fun while we’re achieving these amazing things. One of our values is “we don’t take ourselves too seriously”, and I’m keen to live by this value so that we can all enjoy this journey by succeeding and having fun together.

What are your 2024 goals?

2024 is huge for us. We’re doubling the size of our sales team and investing in our RevOps and Enablement teams to continue our focus on excellence, learning and development. And we’re going to capture more of the market, at a faster pace - so now is the perfect time to be joining our team.

If you’re looking for a big commercial opportunity, a mission that matters, and an environment where you can learn, earn, develop and have fun, then Multiverse is the place for you. Apply here(opens new window).

Alex Varel, Chief Revenue Officer

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