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Life at Multiverse

Why joining Multiverse’s Go-To-Market Team was the best move for my sales career

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In our Go-To-Market function at Multiverse, we pride ourselves on our development-centric culture. The crown jewel is that we operate a meritocracy and only promote from within the current team. This gives Enterprise Account Executives (EAE) a clear pathway to work towards, while learning from leaders who know what success at Multiverse looks like.

Chris Royle, an EAE on our team, previously held sales management positions. Chris has aspirations to get back into management, however for him, learning a world-class playbook was imperative for him to be an even better leader in the future. We sat down with Chris to explore further.

What motivated you to join Multiverse?

Several factors caught my attention. Firstly, I was drawn to Multiverse's unique offering addressing an evident gap in the market, transatlantic reach coupled with an impressive growth trajectory as well as an impressive Series D funding round, which all pointed to a strong product-market fit with significant room to scale.

Looking at the background of our sales leaders like Jeremy Duggan, who has transformed five companies to unicorn status, and Peppa Wise, reassured me that Multiverse was on to something game-changing! Read more about Jeremey’s strategy and Peppa’s journey at Multiverse.

What have been the key benefits of the EAE role?

Joining Multiverse not only allowed me to take my experience to the next level but also provided me with an opportunity to learn a world-class playbook and selling framework. Previously, I gained sales experience in earlier-stage start-ups where less-defined Go-To-Market playbooks were used. In our Go-to-Market Team, I am coached through our world-class standards and gain active visibility of the behaviors across the team, enabling me to implement the playbook and develop the skills and behaviors required to be a successful salesperson. Consequently, when I transition back into management, I will know how to apply a scientific approach to leadership rather than relying on trial and error.

How has the transition been so far - any wins?

I am only recently new to the team, but I have immediately felt the benefits of diversifying my experience at Multiverse. One of the main benefits is that I have massively broadened my experience selling into new sectors across the FTSE100, building and nurturing relationships with C-Suite leaders. I have had some great wins, and am tracking above target in only my second full quarter. I know I have more learning to do, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far.

How have your previous skills and experience as a manager helped you in this role at Multiverse?

Being a previous manager has helped me to always visualise the bigger picture. I have previously examined the successful behaviours of salespeople in my team from above, both during their ramp phase and beyond. This has massively helped me and has given me a head start as an EAE, as I know what traits and behaviours it takes to be successful in this role. Managing a team also builds further capability in situational leadership and individualisation that can be directly applied to client conversations.

We prioritise learning and development in the Go-To-Market team at Multiverse, enabling us to attract the best sales professionals to our growing team. Chris shared his experience from the perspective of a previous sales manager. He thinks the EAE role is a worthwhile investment in his career as he's gained on-the-ground expertise in our world-class playbook and is refining a highly transferable set of skills.

Chris Royle, Enterprise Account Executive

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30 June 2023

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