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The top 5 free coding bootcamps and programs for 2024

By Team Multiverse

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  1. The top free coding bootcamps and programs for 2024
  2. What skills can you learn in a coding bootcamp or apprenticeship?
  3. Benefits of free coding bootcamps or programs
  4. Alumni success stories
  5. Get paid to learn to code with Multiverse

Coding skills were once the sole domain of Computer Scientists, Software Developers, and other tech specialists. But today, 84% of business leaders(opens new window) across industries agree that their employees need basic coding knowledge.

Many workers have turned to coding bootcamps and other programs to improve their technical skills and master new programming languages. But some of these programs can be expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, there are plenty of free coding bootcamps to help you build new skills — without draining your bank account.

This guide covers the best free coding bootcamps and programs for 2024—let’s dive in.

The top free coding bootcamps and programs for 2024

  1. Multiverse’s Software Engineering Apprenticeship

Multiverse’s Software Engineering Apprenticeship combines deep theoretical knowledge with job-ready coding skills, teaching apprentices the ins and outs of full-stack web and software development.

As an apprentice, you’ll gain a strong foundation in computer science principles and develop essential tech skills. You’ll also learn JavaScript and other programming languages related to your career goals. For example, you can study Swift if you want to develop iOS mobile applications or Python if you enjoy data visualization.

Multiverse apprentices study these topics:

  1. Key computer science theories
  2. Software development lifecycle
  3. Representational state transfer
  4. API development
  5. Deployment and maintenance strategies
  6. User interface design
  7. And much more

A Multiverse apprenticeship is the best option to learn to code for free. Why? Because unlike other programs, you’ll earn a competitive salary and get paid to learn code. The program also matching you with a top employer. In other words, our apprenticeship takes the best aspects of a college degree—theoretical learning and frameworks—and combines it with the practical coding skills you need to accelerate your career in software engineering.

Additionally, apprentices receive personalized coaching from industry experts, tailored career services, and access to exclusive career and peer groups. You’ll also get free access to Multiverse’s AI Jumpstart course, which covers foundational artificial intelligence knowledge and tools to help you become an early adopter at your organization. Finally, after completion, you’ll earn a nationally recognized qualification to add to your resume. These resources allow you to develop your technical skills beyond traditional coding bootcamp curriculums — and it’s what makes Multiverse the top program to learn coding in 2024.


6 months


Funded by employers, Multiverse’s Full-Stack Software Engineering apprenticeship is free to learners.

2. Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers Academy(opens new window) offers free coding bootcamps for women and gender expansive adults. The program focuses on serving people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and low-income people. Students can enroll in two options:

  • Ada Build - A six-week, live or self-guided curriculum that teaches coding fundamentals and introductory Python skills
  • Ada Core - An 11-month, in-person program that covers full-stack development, followed by a five-month paid internship

These free bootcamps allow students to learn new skills in an inclusive coding environment. But not everyone qualifies for the Ada Developers programs, and Ada Core requires in-person attendance at one of the academy’s on-site locations. Additionally, students only get paid for a portion of the Ada Core program.


6 weeks or 16 months



3. Codecademy

Codecademy(opens new window) offers a broad range of free online coding bootcamps. These self paced courses cover every major programming language, including C++, JavaScript, Lua, Python, and R. Codecademy also provides classes on more advanced subjects, such as AI and cybersecurity.

These free programming bootcamps allow students to gain a solid tech education in some areas. But, like many coding bootcamps, Codecademy doesn’t offer instructor support or a job guarantee. You’ll also need to subscribe to the website’s paid plan if you want to access the entire library of courses.


1 to 150 hours, depending on the course


Basic access is free, and paid subscriptions start at $14.99 monthly

4. The Odin Project

The Odin Project(opens new window) is an open-source, free coding bootcamp developed by a community of volunteers. Students begin with Foundations, which is an essential Web Developer course. From there, you can choose to study Full Stack JavaScript or Full Stack Ruby on Rails.

Students can join The Odin Project’s Discord channel to access community support. But this coding bootcamp doesn’t offer career services or allow students to gain on-the-job experience. Participants must also take initiative to build their portfolios and network beyond the Discord community.


8 months to 2 years, depending on how much time you dedicate daily



5. CareerFoundry Web Development Course

CareerFoundry(opens new window)’s free coding bootcamp covers the basic building blocks of web development. The program consists of five free courses that guide students through coding a website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This free bootcamp allows you to learn at your own pace, but it lacks the depth and rigor of other free coding bootcamps. Additionally, students who want to develop in-depth skills with CareerFoundry must pay over $8,000 for the Full-Stack Web Development program(opens new window).


1 to 2 hours


The short course is free, and the full program starts at $8,075

What skills can you learn in a coding bootcamp or apprenticeship?

Both free and paid coding bootcamps teach market-ready programming and soft skills for the tech industry and beyond. Most programs focus on the foundational knowledge needed for entry-level positions, but some — like Multiverse — cover more advanced topics.

Multiverse apprentices learn these top skills:

  • Programming languages - All apprentices learn JavaScript basics for software and web development. You’ll also study a second programming language relevant to your role.
  • Programming tools - Learn how to streamline the coding process with debugging tools, integrated development environments, and other tools.
  • Full-stack development - Build the user-facing and server-side components of software applications.
  • User interface design - Develop accessible and stylish products that users can navigate easily.
  • API development - Design Application Programming Interfaces that allow software applications to communicate and share information.
  • Deployment - Package finished software and install it in different environments.
  • Agile project management - Use a flexible and iterative development process to improve your software applications continuously.

Additionally, Multiverse apprentices gain specialized knowledge through deep dive electives. During this module, they collaborate with their manager and coach to develop an elective project in their chosen area.

For example, apprentices can specialize in cybersecurity, data science, and game development. These projects give students hands-on experience in high-demand fields and may open new career opportunities.

Benefits of free coding bootcamps or programs

Free bootcamps offer numerous advantages for people who want to learn coding and enhance their skills. Here are the top benefits of becoming a Multiverse apprenticeship or joining another free coding bootcamp:

  • Coding education - Tech novices often wonder, “Is coding hard?” The answer is no if you attend the right coding bootcamp. Top programs provide a structured curriculum and supportive environment to learn new programming languages and level up your skills.
  • Cost savings - Many college students pay tens of thousands of dollars in tuition to earn a computer science degree. You can save substantial money by receiving an education from a free coding bootcamp or program.
  • Unlock new career paths - A free coding bootcamp can jumpstart your career or enable you to pivot into a new field. For example, Multiverse’s apprenticeship can help you transition into a career as a Software Developer or Software Engineer.
  • Quick entry into the tech industry - You don’t need to spend four years in college before starting your career. A free coding bootcamp or program teaches you the necessary skills so you can pursue tech jobs much faster.
  • Hands-on projects - Some coding programs enable students to gain practical experience in the workplace. For example, Multiverse apprentices work on real projects for leading tech companies under the guidance of experienced mentors.
  • Networking opportunities - A free online coding bootcamp or program introduces you to like-minded peers and mentors. For instance, Multiverse apprentices attend peer events, collaborate in hackathons, and join a global alumni network. The people they connect with can provide career advice and community support.
  • Career preparation - Some free online coding bootcamps or programs include career services. Multiverse apprentices participate in mock interviews and receive personalized career guidance from seasoned coaches.
  • Flexible online classes - Many free bootcamps or programs offer self paced remote courses. These free options let you schedule your studies around other responsibilities and slow down for more challenging topics.

Alumni success stories

Some people assume employers won’t take them seriously if they attend a free coding bootcamp or program, but that’s not true. Here are two Multiverse alumni who have used their free education to build successful careers in the tech field.

Reese Gosain(opens new window) began studying computer science at Vanderbilt University, but a traditional classroom education didn’t fit his learning style. He left the university to become a Multiverse apprentice and has appreciated the opportunity to work on meaningful projects. Gosain remarks, “I feel lucky to have been placed at a company that is committed to my growth and training.”

Malik joined Multiverse’s software engineering apprenticeship after graduating from high school. The program allowed him to develop critical soft skills and receive on-the-job training at BNSF Rail.

The apprenticeship had a transformative impact on Malik’s career trajectory. He explains, “I have been able to establish clear objectives and goals for the outcomes I wish to achieve. With the help of my coach, we have outlined pathways to reach them, which has given me a sense of purpose and direction.”

Get paid to learn to code with Multiverse

Free coding programs or bootcamps are invaluable resources for people who want to level up their tech skills. The top programs offer many benefits, from career guidance to hands-on learning.

If you’re interested in learning to code, explore Multiverse’s Software Engineering Apprenticeship. This program allows you to study multiple programming languages, learn full-stack development, and more. You’ll also receive personal mentorship and build an extensive professional network — all while getting paid a competitive salary to work on real-world projects for a top company.

Complete our quick application(opens new window) to get started.

Team Multiverse

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