Apprentice of the Month: Michaella Cowley


Each month, we recognise one of apprentices. Apprentices are nominated by their coach based off our apprentice values before a panel of judges select their winner.

We're delighted to announce that Michaella at has been awarded WhiteHat's Apprentice of the month in the values categories 'we are all owners, we put others first, integrity is paramount, we are honest but kind and we are results driven.' Michaella was nominated by her coach, George Milton Mason. Read below for some more of George's comments:

"During a peer review session with 21 apprentices, I asked the group if the assignments they were marking met distinction criteria. Nobody raised their hand. I asked the group if the assignments they were marking met Pass criteria and all but Michaella raised their hand. I asked Michaella to provide feedback on the assignment and I was so proud of the way in which she took ownership of doing the right thing even though it wasn't the popular thing and in an attempt to improve another apprentices result she delivered feedback that was both honest and kind. The apprentice she was marking, acted on the expert feedback and turned her assignment around from not being a Pass, to being the example of what good looks like and the value in honest feedback was felt by the entire 'George's BA High Flyers' community. SO PROUD! Michaella is a WhiteHat advocate and champion of positive change. At any opportunity, she will engage other apprentices about the value of community events, and even hosted her very own at Salesforce. She is so deserving of the Apprentice of the month title."

Check out her acceptance speech:

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